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21 August 2012 @ 11:21 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 34  
o.O the original post of this vanished, second time a post has vanished off of LJ. weird. So reposting.

Week Thirty Four:


Click for bigger

Outfit Potato Sack Dress w/hat and basket SIGN SLURL

New hat made by me, WITH POTATOES ON IT!!

Hair!!Calico Creations!! Paige SLURL

Pose Olive Juice- Gamer Con shop no longer exists

SimThe Bean Wars SLURL

So, in the in world chat I joked about getting a potato sculpt and wearing that for this color as I had NOTHING in it. AT ALL. And Russet is a type of potato.

Well, what I ended up with is not an actual potato sculpt, it’s a potato sack dress! Close enough! AND I made the hat, as the one that came with the outfit was no mod and I couldn't resize it, so the hatband is the exact shade and I put potatoes on the hat. POTATOES ARE ON MY HAT!!

To say I am amused with this is an understatement.

Then Turlock wanted to get in on the joke, and thusly him behind me with the thought bubble. I chose the sim with him in mind. The Bean Wars is a Zombie sim, with a twist of also going for the last can of Beans. One of the nicer ones I've seen. In that the while the zombies do attack, they aren't physical so you don't get bumped around, and its super easy to run if you want. And a bonus, for my way of seeing it anyway, it’s not damage enabled, so you won’t get bitten and then zapped back home. Good for a photographer! But I wager those that are really into combat and RP might think otherwise.

For the pose I pulled out the Resident evil post by Olive juice and went all angry kitty on the Zombies.

Then there was some zombie killing. And as I cannot figure out how to take photos in Mouse lock, sorry none of those! The best I could get was logging Adar's account on and using his to take some shots of me at the target range.

Click to see bigger

and lots of photos of me running to / from hoards of Zombies. The zombie spawners are all over the sim, not just in the grassy field you see after leaving the landing point area. Which has the targets and a freebie gun, as well as some guns for 30L.

Click to see bigger

There are safe places scattered about, different levels to escape from the zombies, so if you want to grab a buddy or just need some stress relief shooting. The Bean Wars is a good spot.

Never did find that last can of beans though.

Click to seeall of my photos

Going to be making a big change in my looks soon. The big reveal will be made in its own post, not a 52 weeks post. So if you want to see it, watch this blog!
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