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25 August 2012 @ 07:46 pm
Helping out  
I do not, just in general, blog about sales or special events or fund raisers. Really For Life is the one exception, its more then a fund raiser to me. But Something dear to my heart.

I heard about this fund raising event and had to make another exception, due to what its for. And I'm just going to quote the page I found for it.

Starting today and running through Sept 2nd, a fundraising event is being held at the Truth District sim to raise monies for Archibald. “Archie” is the cat of Gospel Voom, creator of Gos. He was hit by a car last Saturday night and miraculously survived and found his way home, but he was in bad shape. He is being treated for his massive head and facial injuries, and as you can imagine, the surgeries and veterinary costs have already been and will continue to be astronomical – into the 5 digits!

Truth District and several talented friends from across the grid have come together in support by volunteering their creations as donations to help pay for these expenses. Most of the items are 100% donation, and the entire Gos store (on the Truth District sim) is 50% off. Anyone that has ever had a pet knows how they are more than just an animal, but are instead a member of the family. If you feel so inclined to help this cause, head on over to Truth District today.

I read that, and thought about how I'd feel if this happened to one of my girls. And I know how hard it is to loose a feline friend, having had to do it four times in the past three years.

I knew I had to promote this, after picking up a few things. The link above shows off everything being offered at this time. But here is what I picked up!

Click to see bigger

The Shirt and the pose are from the event

Click to see bigger

The pose box is from the event.

So far there are a LOT of pose and pose props up, some clothing and some home items. Go take a look! And if you see nothing you like, there is a donation box up as well.
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Rowan aka: The Seticat: * sl - dyr - mineseticat on August 26th, 2012 02:25 am (UTC)
I'm going to go online and see what I've got in my 'I made this' folder and see if there are some things I can donate as well. If nothing looks worth while, I'll spend the evening making something.