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09 September 2012 @ 02:01 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 37  

Week Thirty Seven
Royal Blue

Click for bigger

Outfit* [CC] Asian - Beauty (East) SLURL

Hair !!Calico Creations!! Akeelah 2 SLURL

Pose *MP* Geisha Umbrella (Model Poses) SLURL

Sim China SLURL

Ok, clearly first off I must explain why I have TWO colors up there for my color swatch. When Luna posted the next color I looked at it, and looked at it and looked at it. And my brain went, no, that shade is WAY, WAY to light to be Royal blue. THERE IS NO WAY!

Well there is, it turns there is a way, as there are TWO shades for Royal blue, The traditional darker shade, and a lighter shade. Or at least so says Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_blue

So, I went in search of a dress that had as close to both shades as I could find.

And since I have wanted to go to the China sim for a few weeks, I also wanted to wear a fitting outfit. The resulting photo up there? Is one of my top favorite photos from this year’s 52 weeks. I just love it.

The China sim, is stunning, the best part is of course the water and ink painting area. It's breathtaking and I took so many photos of it. But there is more to the sim then just the one area. I started at an underwater teleport hub. And THEN went right to the pen and ink build.

Click to see bigger

I actually went through several poses and angles till I got the one I liked best, out-takes can be seen at this link.

But there is more to the sim then the pen and ink. Using the teleports I found a boat, a lovely bamboo glade, a futuristic city and a beach. For some reason the city lagged a LOT to me so I did not explore it as much as I could have. You can see the photos of all those places in the link I already posted. But here are a few shots!

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Now, to go finish a photo shoot I was working on, and find the outfit for the new shade. It’s one of those almost white shades so it's going to be tricky.
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