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02 October 2012 @ 03:57 am
Photo contest entries.  
So I am entering yet another photo contest. This time it is for Nat's Elfin Enchanted and has a theme of Storybook Magic!

I submitted one last week, as I did not know the deadline had been extended a week. Upon learning I had an extra week I put together a second shot!

Here is the first. My idea was simple enough, Trees have stories they can tell. There is no post processing done on this at all. Just mucking with wind light.

Stories of the Ancients

Click to see bigger

The newer shot, I got a bit romantic, and timely! As many may know. Last month The Princess Bride had its 25th anniversary.

As most will NOT know, It's song, Storybook Love, is mine and Adar's song. We played it at our wedding. So I wanted to recreate one of the scenes from it.

Did you know that there is not a single Princess Bride outfit on the marketplace? Not that is listed under Princess Bride anyway! Adar's outfit was easy enough to make do with...hello Zorro! I poked at my inventory till I found something I liked. Then Bang poses had the perfect pose.

I did do some post processing, but only for the edge fade and the text. The rest is all in sim sky setting effects.

As You Wish

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There is a few fantastic images submitted on flickr and who knows how many sent inworld. Here is hoping!
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Current Music: Princess Bride - Storybook Love