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19 September 2008 @ 07:21 pm
Welcome to my land  

So last week some time I was Lounging about my land on one of my swings. And I got the bug in me to go and take a tour of my land and take photos to show it off. It's more or less done. I will forever be tweaking it. Smoothing the land adding something small there, or taking something away. But those will all be small changes. Its pretty much settled into how it is right now.

This took a good four hours or so to finish up. Granted that wasn't straight photo taking, I did other things online at the same time. And of course ended up doing some tweaking of the land here and there. But I got it done eventually. And then I started putting off making the post as I took well over 100 photos. And I'm lazy.

But since I am foreseeing another photo taking binge later on when Ado and I do an Alice themed treasure hunt. I figured I should get off my tail and do this. I'm not going to list where I got everything from. But if you want to know where something is from just ask. I pretty much know who made a good majority of my stuff. I have a few sellers I am vastly fond of and their items are in abundance on my land.

So..lets start! Overhead view! Taken so folks looking at this have a general idea of what the land looks like map wise. The top is north. I'll be starting in the north west corner With Adar's cave, going clockwise and ending with my house in the middle..ish part of the Sim.

So yes, lets start with Adar's cave. He's rather proud of what all he did to decorate it and it looks great. Up near the top of it he's got a small fire and some cushions scattered about near the falls. Near the pool at the base he has a tent with a lounging rug set up. I think if you touch one of the jugs you get some mead as well. The entrance to the humanoid half of the cave has a nice vine doorway. Inside there's various pools and ramps as well as a set of dragon statues. It's really hard to take shots inside this half due to the walls and I want to pull back more then the camera will let me. There's a pool with some poses in it, another pile of pillows and a way to get to the top of the cave where the fire pit is at as well.

Then under the humanoid half is the dragon half. Which he did a lot of the build himself and is extremely proud of it. You can JUUUSSTT see hints of his hoard from the doorway. . Which is of course what this half mainly is for. His massive hoards. The ramps go up into one of the pools that for some reason has no bottom so you can get into both halves of his cave. He's also got a visitors area set up near his throne, dragon egg, and he has a purple chair for me and lounging cushions for others. And the mead again.

Leaving the cave and going down the hill you reach the beach area. With some logs to sit on and a fire pit with food items in it. Its not set up right now but eventually there will be fishing here. Once the upgrades go into effect in fact the whole sim should be fishable.

Near the beach is my shop. With its massive amount of ONE item for sale in it. I so need to get some more items made to sell.

We go across the water now to the gardens. Some of my favorite objects are set up here. Like the dragon's tea party. I love these guys so much! When I was setting stuff out I nearly had a panic attack as I couldn't FIND them for a bit among all the objects I had from my old land. But I found them and now their cuteness is set out. Close up of the pink one. And a Close up of the blue one

My big pink tree is here in all its pink glory. As well as my smaller pink cherry tree. Fairy swing and posing stump. A new item is this walled garden. It's got a bench A couple of trees and a birdbath. And then there's this corner. Which had me baffled as I was taking the photos as I was SURE there was supposed to be something. A trip to the place I got it at showed me it should have a fountain. For some reason it didn't rez with the rest of the items. I don't know if it was due to using a copy of the rezer instead of the original or what. I did however eventually find it and put it out where it should be.

I've got a small wisteria tree set out near the swing. and a lot of these sculpted one prim flower groupings from creative fantasy. I like them but they take a while to snap properly into place. The harp and the magic flying mushroom are also set out. And bunnies. I have several more bunnies then I did before. I put one of my humming birds out as well. This is a nice shot of this whole area of the gardens and Adar's cave area.

Near the gardens I have a small dock with some boats. I really like the barge I found But I have no idea if anyone but me can use it with out me around. The note card says owner must drive it. Same with the lil green leaf boats. I wish someone would try to take one for a test drive and let me know if they are useable by others!

Up the hill from the more open half of the gardens is a more private garden area. Nestled into a hallow in a mountain. I have it settled into the niche like this as the bridge, bench and blanket have some...ah..adult poses in it. But its pretty and its got some very nice cuddle and romantic poses in them. I should get Adar over to them one day and get some cutesy romantic photos made.

IN the water near this area is a small island with a magic falls on it. It's called romance island and also has some romantic poses on it but none of the adult kinds.

Heading around the big mountain area you get to my mer area. It doesn't look half as nice as my old one. Oddly mostly due to being spread out more. If I had a full sim instead of just an open space one and tons more prims I could make this look a LOT better but this is what I can do right now. It was also a little tricky to take photos of as the water makes everything murky. The first shot was taken with the water turned off and an overhead shot. This shot is just under the water I have pose balls scattered about the water and some on the big rock in the middle, and you can swim with the seals with out going into the ground at last! The treasure chest is back. As well as my Merharp and a lot other Mer goodies. Not so many fish and plants as I'd like though. Who'd have thought having MORE room to spread everything out would make it look not as nice!

Going up from the water you reach the Drum and dance circle area. With its little house near it. The house is just a cute lil thing. with a thatched roof and tower. It's got a fae greeting over the door that I totally don't remember what it translates into off the top of my head. Inside it I have a bit of tea set up. And I put a painting on one wall. The teapot is the leaf teapot I spent a while tracking down and the food items give strawberry tarts and tea sandwiches.

Outside I have the elven drum set arranged in a circle around a bonfire and dance circle. I think the whole area looks pretty nice myself. And I have no idea where the small island in the water near the house came from. I don't remember making it. But its neat so I'm leaving it.

It's hard to walk right from the drum area to the fishing area but if you cling to the side of the mountain you can. I love how this area looks from a distance. That giant falls was a great find of mine! And the effect with the rainbow is so pretty. On the docks I have team crates set up and some extra seating as well. In the water is the rubber ducky set made by Kylie. Its so cute! Have I mentioned I really like the rainbow with the falls? This is the area where you can fish now, my custom catches, as pitiful as they are, are available and where I will hold contests. Which I haven't done yet. I keep putting it off due to being antsy about my custom catches. There are ssooo many amazing customs out there to catch, and I'm just a beginner builder and feel like my catches don't hold up to what else is out there. I'll get around to holding one eventually! Once I get over my shyness about the custom catches. So far I have a couple really bad butterflies, a T-shirt, a few fantasy fish and some items that represent various fairy tales. I have more planned but haven't gotten around to making them yet.

Anyway to the west of the fishing area is my "ruins" area. which you can just see through a small path This is where I have the chakra torches I made set up at the points of a fairy star. There's also my elemental altar, a stone circle and my candle shrine. I kinda half want to get a different stone circle that is more open. Close up of the star and torches. And one of my elemental altar. I have a stone fixed up to give a prayer to the elements on a note card near it. Overhead view of the stone circle and bonfire. I wish I could get some really nice poses for here. But I want something other then your normal meditation poses. Not fully sure WHAT I want but I want something different. The candle shrine. If you touch a candle you can leave a prayer for either one hour, 6 hours or a day. When I took this someone had left something in..Swedish I think. I'm not fully sure what it was.

Up a hill through another lil pass leads to my forest area. I could do SO much more with this area with more prims But unlike the mer area I am pretty pleased with it as it is right now. Just with more prims I could have more underbrush and trees set out. But like I said it looks real nice as it is. Oh random view of the falls from the forest. I have a lot of neat things tucked into the forest area. Single dance couples dance balls, sitting things and a few surprise trees. Nothing EEK how could you but some cute fun things. That I wont spoil by showing off now.

When I get my items made for the treasure hunt I want to have eventually the place to take the found items too to get your price is here. I LOVE it. Its a misty fountain with a pink swirly thing above it. and when your near the pink thing you hear pretty chimy music. I do wish I could figure out how to make it cast more of a soft glow on the land in the dark instead of just looking like this. There's also another pretty shimmery thing in it that I would like to glow better in the dark. Though I do love the fog effect. I switched fog systems since these photos though to one that looks WAY better. One last shot of the backside of the forest area.

Now to head to the middle area, With my great big tree house on it. Its where the swing I was sitting on is located at. There's also a special tree with a hallow base. and my new purple trees! The pond is here as well. Right next to my newest big purple tree. Its shiny! Of course those that had been on my old land know that the base of the giant tree is more then meets the eye. I turned the trunk transparent briefly to show what it hides. and inside the small room in the trunk..is MY hoard and dragon egg. Which is a lot smaller then Adar's. But hey I'm more fae then dragon so, this works for me.

Now to go up to the house. I didn't set the wisteria thing I had out last time. I may latter but for now this is what it looks like on the outside. In fact if you've been inside the old house, you've pretty much seen what it looks like inside. I haven't changed it much at all. Same living room set and fish tank. And I of course still have the rose belle jar I found set out. Though I just found a Different one that looks a bit nicer and may be switching it. There's also one to catch in my fishing area but I dunno if I'll be setting it out or not. I really should I guess. Need to make a stand for it first. Upstairs is the bed and I Finely got the water fountain I was making done. And I am thinking of replacing this flat dresser With the curved one I have downstairs in the entry way. Its right across from the fireplace.

And there we have it. A tour of my land. Like I said I'm forever tweaking it and theres some items that are different now but not much. Come by and visit when ever you want! Click here for a Surl to my land.

Now to go take a nap before going on the hunt with Ado!
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Lady Wolfsongladywolfsong on September 20th, 2008 04:37 am (UTC)
your land is so awesome....peaceful...I love it there. made it my home base. I hope some of the Ladies of the Myst will decide to join us.