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14 November 2012 @ 12:31 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 46  

Week Forty Six:


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Outfit BlakOpal Burlesque Silk Shrug Set - PurpleSLURL
Mimikri - Luca Dress juniperSLURL
Hair ::Exile:: Wide Awake: SLURL
Pose . Infiniti . - Oh My Stars - Pose Set SLURL
Sim Tim's Dreams @ MetaLES SLURL

HAH look I went someplace and didn't half do this one! I'm feeling less stressed right now with less to do so Secondlife is more appealing! Woot!

For Juniper I explored an art sim by Romy Nayar, who also created the Magic frogs build I went to a while back. Tim's Dreams is an eclectic mix of vignettes that are meant to be the dreams of a little boy named Tim. Some scary, some beautiful, and some just weird.

My favorite was the fisher of stars

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And the one I found the creepiest was the baby cooker

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Though the one that reminded me of the Child Catcher from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang was a close second!

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You can see all my photos at this link
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