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29 November 2012 @ 07:07 pm
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 48  

Week Eight:


Click for bigger

Outfit [K~*~S] Irridae - Short & Knee Length Dresses (Pumpkin)SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Dina SLURL
Pose aDORKable Poses: Pinwheel SLURL
Sim Renaissance Faire Isle SLURL

I kinda half did this weeks color. I was out of town..again, over the weekend, Trip to my parents. Got back on Tuesday. Then Wednesday I was just lazy about getting this up.

The sim I chose is nice, its a year round Renaissance faire..kinda.. As someone that works at Ren faires it could be worse it could be better. BUT anyway, its got some nice stores and a hunt is going on right now.

I didn't take many photos but what I did are here

Click to see bigger

Saturday is the start of December, which is the start of my annual holiday image a day Advent I do. Which means The color posts WILL BE ON TIME this month! But I have not decided yet if I will combine them with the holiday image or not. Some I may some I may not. And you'll be seeing more of Adar for the holiday images. I found some nice outfits for him! Turlock however fussed at me for taking him out of his Iron Lantern outfit in the thanksgiving image :P so no holiday images of HIM bah!

For the countdown images, If I do them for the 52 weeks, or show more then just the one photo, like explore the sim, they will have style credits, but if its just the one image, No credits, but if you see something you want to know about, ask away! I'm just lazy and don't feel like remembering all that info for posting EVERY day!
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