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09 December 2012 @ 01:44 am
Another 52 weeks of color - Week 50 ~ Christmas Gold  

Week Fifty:


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Outfit LMD Holly Gold SLURL
Jewelry *TJ* Holly & Roses SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Akeelah 1 SLURL
On Adar
Outfit Tuxedo supreme Green G&T Creations SLURL
Pose Oomph! - Behold the Light candle Prop Pose Marketplace
SimFrosty Night 2012 SLURL

Normally today would be an image for Hanukkah, but I had the images for today’s color/countdown taken before I realized it was the start of Hanukkah, so that will be tomorrow.

I wanted Adar in on this one, It just felt right. I went with a more metal version of gold then the SHADE gold. I like it better. I believe I did the same with silver in last years challenge. And found an outfit for both of us that has lovely touches of gold in it.

For the sim I found a lovely Christmas Build on Leroy that was just perfect! All shimmering and gold! I did not however like the chosen wind light and just switched it to midnight. I think the effect is much better. Its nice romantic spot to visit, and has a dance machine we hopped onto.

Tell you what, getting a good shot of a couple dancing when they both have wings NOT EASY! I tried though!

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Getting the post I wanted was fun as well. It's no build so I could not use the pose I wanted! We even tried using the animations and lining him up. No go. Could not get into place. So I got him a candle pose I had as well and used that! Played with some wind light, then went back to midnight and used a "face light" and got the shot I wanted! bwee! The none cropped version is nice as well.

Click to see bigger

A small warning, there is a gift ball thingy at the place, on a two minute timer. Adar and I both got several glob gifts, which are pretty and I even tried to use them in the shot. but if there are not many folk in the build, you will get a TON of them! However it is still a lovely place to snag a few photos so it may be worth it, plus HEY free pretties!

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