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21 September 2008 @ 06:55 am
Down the Rabbit hole...  
So Saturday/Sunday Ado and I went on a really massive treasure hunt together. IT was full of awesomeness. It had a theme of Alice in Wonderland and covered ten sims/shops. It doesn't last much longer so anyone wanting to do this HOP TO IT!! It is very much worth it. I wager we got several thousand lindens worth of prizes by the end of it.

Heck even if you can't make to the hunt, Go visit the places this was held at. I'll include Surl's to each place. Some of the sims/shops are AMAZING. Like..wow. Really worth a visit to them. And if I had the prims on my land I'd so be spending a ton of Linden at a few of them for stuff for it.

Must get a good job so I can save up for a full sim!

Anyway, onto the photos. I have at least one of each area. And then some shots of all the none clothing items we won.

There's kinda two stages to my photos. Ado had to leave off as we where nearing the end due to computer issues, so I finished most of it on my own, then went back Saturday afternoon and we finished it up. Turns out to be a good thing as I missed a last minute addition shop! I'll explain more about that when I get to it.

I put on my Alice dress I had gotten for the photo shoot at the forest of Chakryn and Ado was the March hare. We had so much fun!

Teaser image!! And it'll be long so the rest is behind a cut.

The hunt starts at a place called Come back to the madness *surl here* Which is an amazing multi level area. You start way up in the air in a lovely garden area. There's lots of cute lil poseballs and things to play with up here. The area was giving my Release candidate viewer FITS but was fine with the normal one. So when Ado told me she was having issues too I told her to switch to normal and she had to go download it.

Meanwhile I got photos!

The caterpillar and his hookah

White rabbit and the eyes of the Cheshire cat. This was actually before Ado took off. She's next to the rabbit. And I LOVE the tree thing the Cat is behind. The leaves change color!!

And just the eyes behind leaves was an awesome effect.

Me on a flower seat reading a book.

Ado's back at we went to the caterpillar.

Both of us.

Me and the white rabbit

Full version of the image taken to make into an icon.

Lounging under a tree.

Somewhere near this big apple tree is a cat, named Dinah of course!

Another view of the cat and the rabbit.

The rabbit hole.

I Did say I liked the effect with the cat eyes right?

Ado's back! Tried to get a good shot of us with the rabbit.

Time to go down the rabbit hole.

Down down down. TO get this shot I flew down instead of taking the "seat" the stuff along the sides of the tunnel rotate, and you get bits from the book as you go down. It's a good long fall too.

In the starting level there is nothing to find, Its just a pretty place for the entrance. At the bottom of the rabbit hole you reach a maze. Where the hunt really starts. You picked up a starter pack and with instructions and stuff, and your first clue. In a bottle. This is what your looking for. green bottles with the prizes and a big white bottle with a puzzle piece for the end of the hunt and a landmark to the next place your to go.

The maze area is neat.

Someone left this bottle here. Tricked us for a bit.

Gazebo in the middle of the maze.

Giant WORKING chessboard. I must bring Adar here, he loves chess.

Different aerial shot of the maze.

After getting all the bottles in the maze you go down yet another hole, that didn't have the neat book things and end up in a giant checkerboard room with huge tea things. It's pretty amazing. And I'll be saying that a lot about most of the places we went to.

I love the giant cake and teacup.

You can sit in and on the cup!

Me in the first of several Drink me bottles I found.

A dance floor surrounded by black and white Alice prints.

Once you get all the bottles in this level you go down another rabbit hole to end up in the mad hatters dance club. Where there are no bottles, your to go outside to the shop area.

See the lamp? This is a PERSON. yes someone is roaming about as a lamp. Ado and I both thought they where full of win. I want to know how he did that! Can't remember what their name is though. Shoudla taken a shot with it showing.

Giant jester hat..thing.

Giant flower thing , with sitting poses!

I am the walrus! KooKoocachoo! Well no not really, though that is what my current fishing level is!

Speaking of fishing.

The outside of the dance club.

In this size...

We found all the bottles at last! This place had clues to help which we really liked when sims did that, not all did. But, done here we go onto the next sim.

Go Ask Alice. *surl here* which is a full Alice themed sim. This place was HARD to find the bottles at as it was one of the ones that had no clues, you just had to wander the sim. Ado and I both love the card themed buildings around the place though. And there where so many neat things to see and play with.

Look I found another drink me bottle.

Giant white rabbit. Get out of the way if this guy's late!

Ado and I just wandering about. The center of the flowers glow!

It took me forever to figure out what this thing I'm near is.
After a while I figured out it's a fencing game! I really have to bring Adar back here to fence with him!


Really big hat.

I was minionrly disappointed that the text on this book was not Alice.

Time for Tea The hatters tea party table was the first item I caved and bought. I have no place FOR it right now but..one day I will have a full sim and it will go out....

Tea fountain.

A ship a ship! I have no idea what this has to do with Alice in Wonderland.

Took us a bit but we found all the bottles and went to go to the next place. The Bottle here's landmark is a bit messed up. It took us BACK to the shops at Into the Madness. But in one of them we found a larger then the normal bottles green bottle that had the RIGHT landmark in it and took ourselves off to the next place.

Kay's Cuddle Creations. *surl here*

This place was, honestly, one of the more boring places. Yeah I love the teacup chairs, but it was just the one shop and it took FOREVER to rez everything in. It also only had one bottle in it. But I did find out that my Kittenz have a bed I need to go get for my Rumpleteazer up in my house.

Only took one shot, not much TO take photos of.

Got the bottle there and so off we go to the next place!

Fae Faire Home and Garden shops. Surl here.

I LOVED THIS PLACE! I did not take near as many photos as I could have and should have. Amazing items for sale here! This is a place I could drop a lot of linden at and whenever I finely get a full sim I am so coming back here for trees and other items. In fact I picked up a few items already! I found out no one but me can drive the boats I had on my land so I took them up and put a tree I got here down. I'll show it off at the end of this post.

This place had clues to where the bottles where at. Some where easier then others. There was one bottle that was "behind a sign" ...there is a freakton of signs on this sim. It took FOREVER to find it.

I love this garden set.

Ado on a floating flower.

We represent the lollipop guild... Wait wrong world...I could spend so much in this shop. I've got a weakness for items that give out other items for you to wear and "eat or drink" and this one had all kinds of candy. I did cave and bought a great big lollipop. That I never could get a good shot of me with it. Also this is obviously where the first sim got the giant flower thing.

A wide shot of the sim.

I need to go back to this place and take more photos. I really had to stop myself from not taking shots of EVERYTHING. It's just one of those places with that cool of stuff. Ran into Dunan while here, Actually I Im'ed her for some help as we just could NOT find the bottle behind a sign. And right as I im'ed her I found it *facepalms* The rest where easy to find.

So once everything was found Ado and I took ourselves off to the next place!

Tree house Treasures *surl here*

Ado and I both got really frustrated with this place. They RESIZED the bottles! to tiny tiny. and had them in super hard to find places and the clues made no sense! But it had some neat things. But I was getting peeved with it so I didn't take to many photos.

Me on a flower near a giant card.

Cartoony Bunnies having Sex. ..it was animated and everything. A huge WTF moment between us.

A really awesome haunted house.

We found the white bottle before we found the last of the green ones. And since it was annoying us we gave up on that green bottle and went onto the next sim for the moment.

The Royal court. Red Queen Designs *surl*

This place was clearly influenced by American McGee's Alice Creepy but awesome. Also I had previously bought Ado an Alice themed "tool belt" from this place on Slex exchange! I do hope this build sticks around after the hunt, but it struck me as it was made JUST for the hunt. Be a shame if all this vanishes after next week.

I found..yes..another bottle, but hey I'm not IN it this time.

There was one of those dumpsters to dive in and get a free item..looket my knickers everyone!

The Cheshire cat head DJ dance area scared me. really this thing is CREEPY.

Ado came up to look at the creepiness.

You had to go behind it into the cats..well throat..to get to the next areas. While in the "stomach" you found another bottle, then walked through a wall and found..a guillotine and a bottle. You had to chop off your head to get the full clues from this bottle.

Ado cutting off her head. Mind you it didn't really cut your head off. Then through another wall where you find this...Have I mentioned I find the McGee's cat creepy? Through another portal and you find the thorn room of the red Queen. here's. Shot two and shot three of me on the queens throne.

The last bottle clearly found. we head off to the next location.

Tea and Strychnine *surl here*

The ground of this place is animated like flowing water or something, so it made moving a bit trippy. But it had some great items in it! And the bottles where all set out in easy to find spots.

I loved the teacup planters. I ended up buying the one I am standing behind.

I apparently like sitting on mushrooms..a lot.

There was one bottle with its settings messed up so you couldn't get a copy. This chick was near it. I have no idea what she was really dressed as, but she was having herself a blast dancing about and talking to folk. So I took a shot of her.

We ran into Fairie Hax And Dunan here. Fairie looked so great I had to take a shot of her. They also gave me a cheat sheet note card with the bottle locations on it. Only used it for the bottles in places we just could NOT find. Like the one back in tree house treasures.

I swear I thought there was a poseball on top of the fountain..I was wrong.

I'd like half a cup of tea please.

I found a huge music box near one of the bottles and it DID have a poseball in it, to turn you into the dancer inside the box! It was lovely.

I asked Ado to get in the box as well.

Found the last bottle in a lovely grotto like place.

So that found we headed off to the next location!

Sugar Mill Poses *surl here*

This place was fun as it is full of poseballs and posing items. You could play for a long time here! I want to either buy some of the items or haul others back to pose them. The first bottle was inside a locker which had a breakfast club themed group pose in front of it. Fun! They had a lot of movie themed poseballs

Who you gonna call?

This is the place where Ado's computer started to be a real pain. So she had to give up and I went on to find the rest on my own. With just a little help from the notecard I was given. I do have more shots of this area with her when we finished it together later.

This is where the last bottle was. A pretty skybox garden.

yes me on another mushroom.
Peeking out of a teacup.

After I finished at Sugar mills I headed to the next spot.

The Loony Bin. *surl here*

Wasn't much to this place. looks to be mostly a clothing store. The bottles where up on the ceiling though. Look my knickers are showing again.

Onward now to what I THOUGHT was the last place I had to go. Got told later I missed one since it was only added in a notecard in the starter box. Anyway...off I go to..

Jabberwocky! *surl here*

Loved this place. must go back to explore the big main area

The teleport you saw in the above photo took me to...TULGEY WOOD!!

And like a good lil fae kitty I turned my settings to midnight like asked..for the most part. Needed it noon at times to FIND the bottles. But none of them where really hard to find.

The glowing path thing was neat in the dark.

Overhead shot.

Walking along I saw these lil dots of color from a distance. Got closer..and..and THEY ARE MOME RATHS!!!!!!! Disney style Mome Raths!! MUCH MUCH LOVE FOR THESE!!! So fricking cute!

The cat and the queen, Disney style.

Yes I found yet another mushroom to sit on.

Mome Raths in the "sun".

Great big bottle of blocks.

Look not a log this time but a tree!

I thought I had all the bottles so I went up to the place to put everything together. Met Faerie and Dunan again and found out I missed a spot *facepalms* they let me take a shot next to their completed puzzle though. See if you got all the pieces and sent in a photo and answered the riddle you get entered into a drawing for Linden! Woot! Though the prizes we got I bet are worth MORE then the top linden prize.

Went to bed and then Saturday afternoon I helped Ado finish it. She was still having some issues so she put on her "low lag" avatar. Which is just a female form that is solid black. It helped and eventually her computer stopped being a brat and she could move around and see proper. Never did put her normal form back on though :P

Started back at Sugar Mills first.

The lovely fishing area at Sugar Mills.

One more shot up in the skybox at Sugar Mills.

We went back and got the bottle that wasn't set right in Tea and strychnine and got the bottle we couldn't find at Tree house Treasures as well.

Then onto the loony bin..I sat in the rusty wheel chair on the ceiling this time.

Then we went to the place I missed.

Accessories by Eolande *surl*
Which I think I have been shopping at before for hair thingies. It wasn't anything special, just a normal shop full of pretty things to wear in your hair, and hair.

The last bottle really gotten we head off to Tulgey woods!

Look me on a mushroom AND Mome Raths!

While she put her puzzle together, I took this shot of the main area of Jabberwock.

After we got everything done we took ourselves off to the Glidden sandbox to look at our goodies. I took shots of all the none clothing items from each place. WOW anyone going on this is going to make out like a bandit. Some of the items are just..WOW.

Prizes from Fae Faire Home I pulled out that lounging area and was FLOORED. I love the lotus flower as well. The other two are lamps and really nice.

Items from Eolande You also got a necklace from here called the jack sparrow necklace, but it didn't show in the photo. I MAY go back later and put on all the clothing I got and take shots of it. May not, a lot of it just isn't my style. You can sit in the teacup!

Jabberwock items.

HEHEH I HAVE MOME RATHS!! The other little items are some of the about..five Lucky rabbit feet you got.

Just my Mome Raths. I have totally amused my husband with how giggly I got over getting Mome Raths, just for the record.

The items from Into the Madness. Which in truth I believe come from all of the other places you went to. From what it looked like all the sims and stores you visited after leaving Into the Madness are places ITM got items to decorate and create its world from.

Go ask Alice items. The clothing boxes had photos of the clothing on it so I took a shot of them all.

The White Rabbit skybox from Go Ask Alice

Inside the skybox. close up of the fireplace.

From Sugar mills you got several poses and posing items of course!

YES your Majesty!

Drink me! Look I have my own drink me bottle now!

Queen Curtsy It came with the heart scepter.

Mad Hatter carousel.

Tea and strychnine's items. The teapot was the missing item. The box has clothing. And there was one more item from them...A TEA POT HOUSE! Its small and cute and just adorable. And inside it..MUSHROOMS TO SIT ON! *fyi this photo is photo number 666, just thought to say that for amusement reasons.

Tea house treasures item the other item was clothing. This is the item that we just could NOT find the bottle for.

I'm not really sure what I got from Kays cuddle creations. It says a card. I am assuming it will let me go and buy one of teacup chairs..heck..I should go check that *scampers to SL to check that* nope thats not what it is at all! Its a card with poses on it! Rather cute.

Loony bin was clothing. So was The Royal court. well clothing and jewelry. I may get shots of them later like I said.

Oh and like I said I picked up a new tree at Fae Faire Home It's called the Fantasy Lovers Tree and Fae Brewery It's pink and has flowers , mushrooms and poses. and when you touch it, it gives you a pretty crystal glass with a fae drink. That you wear and there’s an animation. It had a swing on it but I didn't like how it looked so since it was separate I took it off.

And that’s it! It was loads of fun. If anyone is wanting to do it you have today and tomorrow to get it done! I highly recommend it!

Now to try to get some sleep before the Fall Hatching at IoW today! If there is anything to take photos of during that you know I will!
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