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30 December 2012 @ 06:45 am
MY color challenge  
As The wonderful Luna's two years worth of color challenges are over and she is justifiably not doing a third round, a few bloggers are starting their own. It was fun, gave us something to post each week and challenged us to step out of our color safety zones. We hated to see it go!

I would now be among those bloggers starting their own! I thought what I could do to make mine different. And settled on a favorite of mine. CRAYONS!

Every color I am going to use is a color of Crayola Crayons.

I'm calling it the 52 box of Crayons Color Challenge.

I've got a good, wide selection of colors picked out. Some I liked the color, some I liked the name of the color. There will be however, two colors that are NOT crayons, and I will explain why I changed and used those colors when I get to them. They are for specific dates and are special colors I wanted to use despite not being a crayon.

Unlike the other challenges, and Luna's own, mine will be posted on the Wednesday of each week. Why then and not Sunday? Due to my Renaissance Faire Schedule I have MANY weeks where I will not be HOME on Sunday to post. So, I figured Wednesday will work for me!

Which means my first color will be posted on January 2nd!

I've created a Flicker group and anInworld group for it.

I know its a long shot but if any designers want the colors, I have the whole year planned out so just ask and I'll shoot you them!

Join in if you want to! I hope some do!

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