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23 September 2008 @ 01:41 am
Happy Hatching day!!  
So this weekend was the Fall Hatching in Isle of Wyrms. The hatchings always match up to be as close as they can to the changing of the seasons. ON the equinoxes and the solstices. Whatever day of the weekend is closer. For the summer one I got my lovely Fae Dragon at it was held on a Saturday as that was closer to the actual date of the solstice. For the Fall hatching it was on Sunday as Monday was the Equinox.

I was really excited about it! I missed being there in person for the Summer hatching because that was the same weekend as the Opening weekend of the Ren faire I am a cast member of. So I was looking forwards to being there in person for the fall one. Even if I wasn't in the drawing this time. Mandalore and his girlfriend Seriena where in the drawing. I helped them get signed up and let them know what was going on and what to do in fact.

Sunday came and I woke up early to be there when it was time for the open registration. I hung about in the Cathedral for a bit watching the egg registration stats to keep Seriena updated on the dragons her and Mandalore where wanting. Mandalore had to be at work for the event so he missed the actual drawing. Got home a couple hours after it happened in fact.

After they started booting everyone from the Cathedral I went down to the hatching circle. And boy was it fun but chaotic!

Some people where jumping up and down in the ground. But most of us just where standing around talking. At one point some one put out these giant eggs you could sit in and "hatch", which then resulted in mess of egg shards about.

The chaos of the hatching circle got to me after a bit. Not to mention that area was SUPER laggy due to the massive amount of people in the sim.

Honri Lefavre had offered his land down in Lyre up for people to relax in while waiting to hear if they got their dragon. It's the lovely Temple of Bast *surl* and it was indeed much more relaxing there. There was a small group of us and we lounged about the middle of the temple just chit chatting.. Though eventually I switched to my Liger fae form and chased some of the other kitties around. And while in that form I was given the lovely idea to add some ribbons and flowers to my ligers hair to make myself look prettier. I will be working on that soon.

I eventually heard from Seriena and Mandalore about their dragons. They both got them! Seriena is now a lovely Aquatic dragon and Mandalore is a Hydra! Seriena I believe will be making very little changes to hers, just turning it white, But Mandalore has some massive modding plans for his. Which involve picking up another dragon once he's able to. A astral I believe he said.

Meanwhile I picked up a new wyrmling form! I now have a Bast Dragon! Went back to the temple to work on the colors for it. Of course I turned it pink! With some purple highlights

I eventually plan to try to mod my Fae with my bast and have a true fae Kitty dragon! If it looks good with the wyrmling I'll pick up a Dragon Bast and mod it as well. Most likely wont do it to my already modded hatchie. Well maybe get one and switch the heads....something to think about at least.

I have a few new toys I picked up to play with that I'll post later. I wanted this post to just be about the hatching. It was lots of fun and I greatly enjoyed it, and making new friends during it!

Now off I go to have my own Mabon feast in Real life with Adar and Turlock!
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