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09 January 2013 @ 01:51 am
52 Crayola Crayons week two - Rose Dust  
I made a mistake in last weeks post with the RGB of this weeks color. It was still the one for Almond, I've made sure to give the correct RGB for Rose Dust today and the correct codes for next weeks color. I did give the correct hex code both weeks. I am sorry about the mix up.

Week Two

  Rose Dust
158, 94, 111

Outfit (Kunglers) Ingrid gownSLURL
JeweleryEarthStones Vintage Romance Necklace - LadySLURL
Hair>TRUTH< Amelie SLURL
Pose[LAP] Gown with the WindSLURL
SimBrookes forestSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Blue Bell
162, 162, 208

Yesterday was my Birthday, so for this weeks color I wanted it to be something I LOVE, and so I chose Rose Dust. Roses are my second favorite flower, my first is Columbines. And my favorite color is pink. So I chose a rosy pink shade for this week.

The Rose Dust Crayon came out in 1990 as part of the Silver Swirls set. All these crayons have a silvery metallic sheen to them. I had/have a box and they where fun to work with. If you took a tissue or piece of fabric and buffed the crayon on the paper it made it shimmer even more.

I've had this stunning gown by Kunglers for a while and have been waiting for a good chance to wear it. I love how silky it looks. I added a lovely necklace by Earthstone to complete the look.

For the sim, I wanted a beautiful one to explore. I have said in the past how much I love and adore Andrek Lowell's forest builds. I found one I had not been to yet. Called Brookes Forest, It's on Linden land, not a full sim. But still lovely.

Click to see bigger

After waiting on things to rez I set to exploring. I was not disappointed with his build at all. There are even two of Andrek's famous quests. I'm standing in front of one in the top photo. Sadly, I could not finish them as the land owner has it set to no build, meaning you can't rez the quest items to finish the quest. Pitty. The prizes are often very cute. When I noticed that it was no build I stopped looking for the items.

Click to see bigger

The build has many snuggle and social areas scattered about to use. and some very lovely trees. Two caves and a gypsy wagon! And if you get bored of it, its between a water area with boats and an airport! Do go check it out!

Click to see bigger

All of my photos are at this link.

I gave Ambrose my list of colors for the year and he's possibly going to start making an item with it for his bakery. I hope he does! It should be most interesting to see what he comes up with!
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