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52 Crayola Crayons week three - Blue Bell

Week Three

  Blue Bell
162, 162, 208

Outfit  BC Hertfordshire Silk BlouseMarketplace
Outfit Graffitiwear Faded Dramatic DenimeSLURL
Jewelery::: Krystal ::: Gift Box - Happy 2013! Pure Love group giftSLURL
Hair.:EMO-tions:. * LISSI * SLURL
HairCaverna Obscura Bluebell Wreath box SLURL
PoseSchadenfreude Posing Sparrows SLURL
SimMy Home plot in Steelhead NevermoorSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Mountain Meadow
48, 186, 143

Ambrose is super lagging on getting me my color list! I dunno why I have only managed to catch him online once. But I looked at the master crayon color list on Wikipedea and remembered what one I used. Hopefully I;ll have the master list by Wednesday so I can make the post for the next color then.

I'm able to go in world via Adar's computer. It's set up in the living room attached to the TV so using it is awkward for me, it works for him. I am not comfortable enough using it to explore so till I get mine working again I'll just be doing a pose someplace around the Steelhead sims. Adar's comp has no image editing or gallery making programs on it as well. I have to send the photo to Turlock for cropping and resizing so really, this is the easiest way all around.

When I'm not on Adar's comp for secondlife, I'm on Turlock's netbook, which is tiny but better then nothing!

On the state of my computer, the hard drive is on its way to Arizona to be recovered. My computer guru, a dear friend for well over a decade who works in IT professionally, swears on everything he knows I hold dear he can recover all my information on it. He'll have it in his hands on Tuesday so I am holding in a funk over loss of years worth of files till then.

When he returns it, no matter the state, it will be with an upgraded computer. The one I was supposed to get last May but we had some issues. So...shadows! yay! Also windows 8 so that's going to take some getting used to as I was working off of win xp. I hate that it took an event like this to get the upgrade, but also looking forwards to getting it back. Granted I'll be paying Marsh money out of every paycheck for MONTHS now, but it will be nice to not be working off of a 5 year old computer badly in need of upgrading. The only reason i managed second life as well as i was is I had a good graphics card! My processor speed SUCKED.

Now, for info on this color! Blue Bell. I like the flower, its pretty and its a pretty color. The crayon itself is, like Almond, another color only found in the big 120 box of crayons and was introduced in 1998. I really need to get myself one of those huge boxes for uh...research. Checking the screen color against the crayon! Yes..thats why I need it *shifty look and hides her crayon hoard*

I wanted a fun outfit for the color, and found the jeans in my inventory, there is a band on the bell bottoms that change fabrics. The shirt I picked up for this color as I could find NOTHING that fit. And it was a tricky color as well..did i look in my blues or purples?

Turlock will be joining me for Mountain Meadow, hes got some silly idea planned for it. But it should be cute.

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