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52 Crayola Crayons week four - Mountain Meadow

Week four

  Mountain Meadow
48, 186, 143

Outfit  *katat0nik* (green) Bowie Dress (mesh) SLURL
JeweleryMG - Necklace - Butterfly - Jewelled - GOLD+SILVER Marketplace
Hair.:EMO-tions:. * FALLING * SLURL
Pose*~*HopScotch*~* The Water Bearer I SLURL
PosePose is from the Zodiac Aquarius event SLURL
SimSteelhead St Helens SLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

252, 40, 71

I'm late in posting this as I was waiting on info on both my hardrive and trying to get a hold of Ambrose. I'll explain that in a bit. For now ..the color!

Mountain Meadow, is yet another color only available in the big 120 pack and was introduced in 1998. I so did not do that on purpose, but the newer colors have such fun names!

Finding this shade was so tricky for me, its such a dusty shade of green. Everything I was finding was too yellow or too dark. I did eventually track down this cute lil mesh number from katat0nik that worked!

I decided to go to Steelhead St Helens' for the photo, due to the color name, and when is saw the waterfalls on the mountain I knew the perfect pose was at the current round of Zodiac.

As for what Turlock is doing, his idea was that since it was a green, he'd be uh..coloring..my outfit, or somethings along those lines.

I still do not have my master color list. Ambrose up and moved on me into a new apartment, and does not have internet in it yet. I was getting so worried when he never responded I ended up calling him today and found this out! he said he'll try to get me it tomorrow when he goes to his moms house. So for next weeks color I looked at the crayon list and picked one at random.

As for my hard drive's state. I'm in a holding pattern on information on it. Marsh says he thinks it got damaged in transit to him, as now it wont come on at all, when before it would boot up, just get stuck and not open windows. He's got a few more tricks up his sleeves to try before he calls it a loss though. So cross your fingers everyone!

He's also already working on setting up the new computer for me, even has already installed both the official Sl viewer and firestorm!
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