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52 Crayola Crayons week six - Tiger's Eye

Week Six

  Tiger's Eye
181, 105, 23

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Outfit  Falln Toria Dress Golden SLURL
Jewelry EarthStones Sofya Jewelry Set - Tigers Eye (BOX) SLURL
HairTekeli-li Miranda SLURL
Pose[Virtual Props] The Snake Charmer Pose SetSLURL
Sim Steelhead ShanghaiSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Carnation Pink
255, 170, 204

LOOK, posted on time!! YAAAYYY!!

This weeks color is a favorite stone of mine Tiger's eye! It was available in 1994 in a special pack of colors called "gem tones". These crayons all had a lovely metallic sheen to them, but with out the silver tone that the silver swirls from 1990 did.

As Sunday is the Lunar , or Chinese, New Year I wanted this weeks shot to reflect that. This year is the year of the Water Snake! I knew exactly what pose and the location of where I wanted to go. A snake charmer pose set and Steelhead's oriental themed sim Shanghai. The outfit needed some searching. Yellows and browns have always been hard for me. I had originally planned to use a lovely brown toned Chinese robe ensemble by my friend Lumi, but the outfit did not want to work with the pose I planned to use! But I remembered Falln had an outfit with snakes on it so I scuttled myself to the marketplace and found it in the perfect shade! Then I took off the golden neck snake it came with to wear some tiger's eye jewelry!

Next weeks color is a lovely pink for Valentines day as Some weeks I coordinated the color to a close holiday or event. AND I have gotten my colors list from Ambrose at last! YAY no more guessing! I did HORRIBLE on it! Scarlet was not even on my list originally and tigers eye was months away! Though the color that was originally planned for this week was also one of the gem tones colors! I plan to just switch spots for that one and have last weeks original color replace another one later. It was a tough color I wanted to challenge myself with!

Health wise I am better, I have a horrible lingering cough that makes me sound just awful when I talk, but not so run down and no fever! Computer wise, still do not have the new one. I'm giving Marsh till the weekend to let me know with out asking about it, then I will ask. I figure he must be busy or is waiting on something. Though like I said last week, in no real hurry.
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