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13 February 2013 @ 01:26 am
52 Crayola Crayons week seven - Carnation  

Week seven

  Carnation Pink
255, 170, 204

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Outfit Light Pink Outfit FashionNatic SLURL
PantsApricot Paws - Echo Jeans SLURL
Jewelrycame with the top SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Brooke SLURL
On Adar
Shirt(kOI< Carnation Men's Polo Shirt SLURL
PantsApricot Paws - Echo Jeans SLURL
Pose.:. Seil Xpression .:. Under the power of love - SLURL
Sim Steelhead HarborsideSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Outer Space
65, 74, 76

I do not hide the fact that my favorite color is pink. So when I get to pink colors on these color challenges I enjoy them. I have more pink outfits then any other color. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing! It's good as it pretty much insures I have that shade. It's bad as I have SO MUCH to go through to FIND it! And thats even after my huge clothing inventory sort I did a while back where I put my clothing into different folders according to the shade of a color and the length of the dress! PLUS if I know what pose I want to use before hand some outfits work better with certain poses then others. So it took me a while to find this cute top for this week.

This week's crayon has been around for a while! The carnation pink crayon has been available in the 16 crayon pack and up since 1949!! It was always one of my go to pink shades growing up. Have fun with next week color! Grays are always horribly difficult for me!

Oh and if you are looking for a place to rent to live on, Steelhead Harbor side has a few free plots! So check it out and if you like, join it and a great Steampunk community! You don't HAVE to be steampunk to join, it helps but hey I'm not! And the place is run by an elf! It's a great community that takes in all kinds! Do check it out!

Pose was obviously picked due to tomorrow being valentines day, Adar has no idea I put him in a pink shirt. He may or may not kill me for that *Grins* Pose is very cute and I snagged it for 1L on the marketplace. I dunno what it costs in world.

On the me front. I STILL have this cough, not much can be done for it other then to let it play itself out. But today all three of us in this house got hit with allergies or something and have stuffed up noses and watery eyes. Which is weird as its SNOWING right now. Ugh.

On the computer front, I JUST NOW noticed Adar's comp is giving me that line in the photo glitch that some vid cards have. UGH! I believe there is a fix but I don't really care. And yes, still on Adar's comp, will be till the end of the month most likely. AND when I get off it it will be onto MY computer!! A friend who has asked to remain Anon is paying to get my hard drive recovered!! i have to pay them back of course but YAY I get my files! I am so relived and grateful over that!
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