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13 March 2013 @ 10:34 pm
52 Crayola Crayons week Eleven -Shiny Shamrock  

Week Eleven
  Shiny Shamrock
95, 167, 120

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Outfit *katat0nik* (lt green) Shamrock Dress - Magic of Oz Hunt SLURL
Hair.:EMO-tions:. * SAMARA *SLURL
Prop::J&K::. Happy St. Patrick's Day! - FatPack marketplace
PoseOomph! - It's Easter Time (Adult Avi Version) SLURL
Sim Fashion for Life sim Mausoleum at HalicarnassusSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Radical Red
255, 73, 108

Sorry for this coming so late! I've been working on setting up the new computer and..well, its not going smoothly.

Shiny Shamrock is a part of the Silver Swirls colors introduced in 1990. Lovely fun colors to play with! And I chose this color as Sunday is St. Patrick's day!!

My outfit is an old hunt gift so it's not available. And that it has a St. Pat.s theme is not planned, it was just the only outfit I had that came CLOSE to the right shade. I had even picked up a Fashion For Life outfit that I THOUGHT was the right shade and it was too dark. I went with a mix of two pose pieces as I couldn't rez a pose prop on the Fashion For Life sim and I wanted this weeks shot to be done there. The sims are glorious and go to them as fast as you can before they go away in a few days!

I'll be covering Fashion for Life itself in another post.

And yes, I have my new computer and hard drive back! But all did not go according to plans. UPS broke the computer in shipping, they banged it around so much the processor cooling fan broke off, and until we can get a replacement, the new computer wont run.

So we stuck the hard drive into my old computer. And found an issue! Windows 8 and my graphics card do not get along. The much less powerful graphics card that came with the new computer does get along with win 8 so we had to put that in. But, at least on my older, slower, computer, it does not give enough UMPH to use Secondlife properly, though with out it or with my normal card Secondlife wont run at ALL.

So I am still having to get on Adar's computer for that. A fix is in the works but we're not sure right now if it's going to be a driver thing or just biting the bullet and getting a new graphics card. Or for all we know in the newer computer the graphics card that gets along with win 8 combined with its more RAM and faster processor will be enough. Frankly, I'd rather have a graphics card I know works well already ON TOP of the more power, but I may not have a choice. But right now its a wait and see.

But I am SO glad to have all my stuff back, even if reinstalling everything and trying to get Win 8 to work how I want it to is a massive PIA. UGH so many stupid changes from XP that don't make sense! Improvements my whiskers!!

And that's enough ranting. Get to Fashion For Life!!! Donate to Relay!!
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