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23 March 2013 @ 10:05 pm
Disneybound challenge - week two - Ariel "kiss the girl"  

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Outfit - Blouse ~Sassy!~ Poet shirt - white SLURL
Outfit - corset Schadenfreude Azure Something Wicked Corsets SLURL
Outfit - Skirt Pracilla Belted Blue Boho Skirt *COPY/Resize* By Candace Hudson SLURL
Hair>TRUTH< Aloha -SLURL
PoseSchadenfreude Posing Sparrows SLURL
Sim Steelhead NevermoorSLURL

So this week for the Disney Bound challenge they clarified some things. Which helped, as some people got mixed up. Your to create your own version of a specific outfit worn by a specific character. Not just any character from the named movie or any outfit the character wore in the movie. I wager a lot of last weeks confusion happened due to Peter Pan being both the name of the character AND the name of the movie!

This week its The Little Mermaid's Ariel, and specifically the outfit she has on in the song "Kiss the Girl'. Now, I could have gone SUPER Disney geek here and matched it to the outfit she wears in the stage play version, and not the movie, but I figured I'll wait to unload THAT level of Disney geek for a different character. It's orange and Yellow BTW..

For the highlight if this ensemble I went with one of Schadenfreude's corsets, I love them so much. They are So easy to mix and match as you just need one corset base and then the huds for all the styles! I picked this style due to the tentacles on it! Little homage to Ursala being the reason she has legs there. The blouse and skirt got picked as they look fantastic together and give a lovely bohemian vibe which I felt suited Ariel. The hair, its got shells in it! So it was a must.

Next to my home plot is a bit of "public" land in nevermore, that handedly has a mermaid statue, so I flew over to it and dug out some bird poses. As birds and Disney Princesses just go along SO well!

Can't wait to find out who we do next week! I do home one week we have Belle, she's my Fav. And Turlock has said if they EVER do anyone from Lilo and Stitch he wants to join, that's his favorite Disney movie. I might grab Adar if they do Robin Hood, that's his! This is such fun!
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