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24 September 2008 @ 02:32 am
Fishies and Horses and Forests oh my!  
Been a busy lil fae kitty of late! Between the hatching, the Alice hunt, Fishing, and a myriad of other things. I have some photos to share!

First up, 7seas fishing has not only released the new rods but now some new fish. GOLD FISH! The lil bitty kind you get as pets not the koi kind they had released before. They are SO cute. I love them. And thanks to the new fish targeting system with the new rods, in less then three days I caught them all! The SUR is hysterically punish like most of the Sur's. And by the time I had all nine of the new fish I had quite a school around me. I think my favorite is the calico, as that's the style of Goldfish I love in RL as well.

Honri took me on a dragon ride around the high fantasy continent that IoW is a part of. I had NO idea there was so much to it! I'm' not even sure how many sims are connected together to make this place. Its amazing. I didn't get many photos taking as I was too busy looking around. I did get this great shot high up on a mountain near a Shaolin Temple.

I've also bought myself a horse! From hoof it Stables *surl here*. Which is the same place I got my centaur avatar from. But he horse isnt an avatar, I ride it! I settled on the amazing Air Element horse, from the new set of elemental horses there. This is what it looks like right out of the box. Her main and tail is a particle effect and theres lighting flashes on the body. But then I modded her to be purple. Well the parts I could mod, I wasn't messing with any of the scripts, not even sure if I CAN. But I like the effect of the purple with the white anyway. I've found out that short skirts look better while riding, then longer ones do. Might have to mess with a few of my longer ones though. I also can't for the life of me make it so I am facing the camera while rearing. Only while standing.

I've named her Violet Skies.

I went for a nice flight above my land with her and got this amazing shot. and took a trip to a neighboring sim that has a small stable yard and got a nice shot with their horses.

Adar's computer isn't working but once he gets it back up and back on Second life we plan to get him the Fire horse. I showed him the Earth horse and the Water ones as well. The fire horse's hoof fire flickers! It's pretty nice looking, The Water one drips at times. And the earth..well it was the most disappointing of the four, it just didn't strike much of a cord with me.

I decided to head over to the lovely Forest of Chakryn *link goes to an LJ entry about it* for a photo session with Violet Skies and me and found..there have been changes! The forest itself is the same, but some items have changed and there's a new quest on top of the other two I did!

First off, the wagon is gone as are a few other items. All have been replaced with these fantastic glowing moving sculptures. With a few new ones just scattered about. They look like they are made of just, light. Amazing.

Near the water elemental I found a totally adorable set of snuggling bunnies.. And then just over the hill from the elemental is the start of the new quest hunt! It's got a hobbit theme for all the Tolkien fans out there. You have to find a quill and pen, a book called "There and back" *giggles* and a pipe. It was a LOT harder then I thought. Thankfully there are clues!

So I set out to find the items First stop is the waterfall. Near it is another of the light sculptures.

I checked inside the waterfall in the lil niche there but nothing. So I fly out of it and head back down to the river. Where I find my first item, the Quill and pen!

I trot over to the inlet area where the white rabbits at and the weird WHOOMING thing from last time. Rabbit's there whooming thing isn't. But some odd spiral sculptures and another random light sculpture And the chairs have been changed to some giant leaves. Trotting around I find another sculpture. Really I wish I knew how to make videos of secondlife. These really need to be seen with the animation. The wheel things near the inlet however where not animated, that I recall anyway.

I head underwater to the ghost forest there to see if any changes had been made. And some had been! Audrey 2 was replaced by this thing. Which is kinda pretty but didn't really DO much. And I can't remember if these odd plants where down there before or not. Random shot of me and Violet Skies.

Trotting around more I eventually find the book! It was nestled among some mushrooms One more item to find. the pipe! Which has been eluding me this whole hunt.

I do more trotting around. I head above the Elemental to see if the bee statue is still there and no its been changed! To an amazing work of art. This thing is TALL, and when you click it it starts to play music and with each note a different panel lights up. I turned it to midnight and angled the camera up to get this shot of it.

Flew into the house to see if anythings changed there. Just one that I could see. A sculpture over in the corner near the itty bitty fire.

Flying out I pan up and find out that there is a platform in the sky. Not really sure what it is, I think its a shop. Its not near as pretty as the rest of the forest. Landing again I found a rock with some graffiti on it. but still no pipe

heading back down to the waterfall, which the clues say the pipe is supposed to be near, I run into the forests owner Bettina! She was busy but she complement me on Violet Skies before heading off. So I do MORE looking for that blasted pipe.

I eventually dismount and look on foot. Hoping that will make it easier. It does allow me to get this shot of me on the new stump near the waterfall. And I also spot..a peeing Gnome..bit of a WTF moment there but its oddly cute..for a pissing gnome...ANYWAY..

I keep looking and looking and a few other people are in the sim. So I shout out has anyone found it and someone HAS, he was nice enough to go stand next to it for me. The blasted thing was underwater!! Gah!! But I have all the items now and head back to the stump and sign. There wasn't a nifty effect when I put them in this time. The prize? A set of Hobbit avatars, which I'll never use but it was free! and I have the items I had to collect as well. I like the quill and pen in particular.

That all done I look at the time and realize..ironically considering certain themes in the story..., I am LATE for the Alice party to celebrate the end of the Hunt. But I head quickly over to Tulgey woods to catch the tail end of it. The place was changed around for the part. The creepy cat head is there, it IS a DJ station after all! But folk are there dancing so I join in. I Im Ado to join me but she gets there just as things are closing down. Phoo. Neither of us won the big drawing either. No biggy like I said the stuff we GOT on that hunt was worth it.

I need to get to working on my Bast/fae Mod soon.
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Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife: Dragon ridingsoftpaw_sommer on September 27th, 2008 03:49 am (UTC)
I'd love to go riding with you! I've found some lovely places to do it at as well.