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31 March 2013 @ 04:17 am
Disneybound challenge - Week Three - Gaston  

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Outfit - Shirt Belli : Cover - Yellow SLURL
Outfit - jacket Pale Empress ~ Catherine top ~ Red SLURL
Outfit - pants Apricot Paws - Echo Jeans - Black SLURL
Prop Ducky Blunderbuss SLURL
Hair[LeLutka]-BELLE hairSLURL
PosePFC~Hunter's rest PFC~Hunter's rest SLURL
Sim Steelhead NevermoorSLURL

So, well known fact about me

Beauty and the Beast is my FAVORITE movie of all time. I mean, to the point that I based my wedding dress off of the gold ball gown. Our living room has a shelf of BatB stuff and that's not even all I OWN. Just what fits up on it. Which sucks as two of my showpiece items are too big for the shelf I have in this house. Both are by Lennox, one is of Belle and Beast in winter with the birds, the other is of the Rose jar. SO PRETTY, SO not going to risk them falling off by being off balance!

So I was pleased, and amused that this weeks was Gaston. Pleased that it was a BatB Character, amused that they went with the bad guy, and Gaston is the first villain to show up in the challenge.

Finding the outfit was super easy, I figured Gaston, if he had boobs, would show them off as much as he could, so the jacket thing was a fantastic find due to the Powergirl boob window thing. The rest is just filler. Then the prop and pose! That blunderbuss? It shoots RUBBER DUCKS, I am so very much amused. And the chair was too perfect, I couldn't find a good pose for the gun so I went looking for his chair in the tavern and found that!

Sadly I couldn't find a good tavern that would let me plop the thing down, so its in the cave on my land.

I have, around 4 or 5 different recordings of Beauty and the Beast, Including the Original Australian cast recording. Which, has HUGH JACKMAN playing Gaston Yes, for those that did not already know, He was in musicals long before he was in movies. I sadly can not find much video of him playing the role, but there is a few snippets of him in this video. and if all you want to do is listen, here his him doing Gaston, the song. He's honestly the best thing ON that cast album, Belle is whiny, Mrs Potts is an Australian TRYING to do a British accent, same with Lumire and French and everyone else is just not as good as Hugh. Not bad at all for his first time in a musical!

And that's it for this week! Can't wait, again, to find out what the next one is!
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Current Music: Beauty and the Beast aus cast - 09. Gaston