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08 April 2013 @ 01:43 am
My Seven SL Facts Meme  
Playing catch up with Strawberry Singh's blogger 7 _____ Memes. Here is the first one. I've decided to take the photo for these all in a sandbox using one of my many skybox's. I have lots of forest and garden ones!

click for bigger

Outfit *EC* Cersei Gown - Pink SLURL
Hair[LeLutka]-HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2011/12 SLURL
PoseCoco Creations - Regal Arch SLURL
Skybox Skye Forest Clearing Skybox Box v1.1SLURL


The first meme I’m going to start with is the seven SL facts meme. Basically I’m going to share seven facts about my SL avatar or my SLife that may or may not be obvious to all my readers. The only thing I ask is, don’t judge me (or at least just do it quietly in your head)! :P

My SL Fact #1:

I have a large collection of other avatars that I NEVER wear, or wear only for an hour or so and then file them away. This collection includes several dragons, random critters, a few humanoids and some weird oddball things like a field of bouncy blobs. I have no idea why I pick up these things.

I will take photos of some of the odder ones if asked!

My SL Fact #2:

My Sl partner Adar is my husband in real life. And while we did not meet on Secondlife we did meet on line! Turlock, who you also see in photos, is our house mate. Also met on line. They both joined Sl the same time I did, because I asked them too.

My SL Fact #3:

My good friend Maus Merryjest AKA Kain Scalia fixed up my main avatar for me for the first time. I was having issues due to a lack of a graphics card. As I had known him forever I trusted him with my account long enough for him to pick me out an avatar, as he knew where to go for everything. He picked out my original Luskwood avatar, first hair, first outfit and most importantly, My wings. Of these items, I still wear the wings he found me. Never found any that I liked better!

My SL Fact #4:

I got into Second Life due to an article on it in Faerie Magazine. My first plot of land was in the sims the article mentioned, Brythony, which was a part of Winterfell/Caledon, but is no longer around.

My SL Fact #5:

I've managed to meet one person I have met in Secondlife in person. That would be Ambrose, and hes turned into one of my best friends.

My SL Fact #6:

I chose my SL last name due to it went well with Softpaw, which is the name I have used online since the 1990's. At that time I did not realize I'd have to type it in every time I logged on. Which is fine as Sommer is not that hard to remember. Adar was not so lucky as he chose one he felt sounded neat, Rozensztrauch, a name NONE of us can remember how to spell and always have to C&P it after a clean viewer reinstall.

Turlock picked Ort as he learned from Adar's mistake..

My SL Fact #7:

I love to explore Second Life more then anything else to do Inworld. If I sim has poses for me to play with even better! But being able to see all the amazing builds Sl artists can come up with, or put toghter out of items other made, is just one of the best things ever, It make sme feel like I am part of the art they created.

That said, If a sim wont allow me in as long as I stay in my Feline form, I will just not go to it rather then change my looks.

And that is my Seven Sl facts! Next up, in a different post, will be the Social Media Meme!
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