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Disneybound challenge - Week Five - Dory

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Outfit - Shirt Schadenfreude Yellow Oxford Shirt (open) SLURL
Outfit - Jacket> Mesh Boyfriend Blazer Black BND BX SLURL
Outfit - pants Apricot Paws - meshDigi Pants - Blue SLURL
Prop *Cozi* Hand Held Fish Bowl (boxed) marketplace
HairExile GlorySLURL
PoseClary Craft Mixed Wild Mushroom Grouping with Fairy Dust SLURL
Sim Steelhead NevermoorSLURL

This weeks Disneybound challenge was a REAL one for me. Dory the fish from Finding Nemo was picked, in honor of the announcement of the sequel Finding Dory.

I had no clue how to dress like a fish.

Then Turlock suggested I dress like Dory's Voice Actress Ellen Degeneres, only in Dory's Colors! I liked that idea! Ellen has a very distinctive casual style so it was easy to put together something once he suggested that. I added a bowl with clown fish as a prop for fun.

Very excited about Fantasy Faire opening this week! I wont be able to blog it till Sunday night, Ren faire Stuff. But I think i like missing the start rather then the end like last year.


    Click for Bigger ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK TILL ONE OF THE BEST TIMES OF THE YEAR! Fantasy faire this year is just Jam PACKED with goodness. A…


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