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30 September 2008 @ 01:11 am
I sold my first item on Slex!! Someone bought my torch set! *happy dances*

I need to get the last item done for my Halloween hunt on my land and the item done for the year round quest hunt. Both will be "utility belts" one with a Halloween theme and one with a fae theme.

Then I need to do the mod of my fae and Bast wyrmlings.

Then I want to make a bobbin lace stand. which will be tricky as it needs an animation and I have little idea how to make those.

I've also got plans for a full rune set. Furthark runes. I've seen two rune sets for casting on slex but neither have a full set of runes in them.

And of course more clothing and jewelry

I also have an odd urge to make a Dragon's tea house and serve English high tea to dragons in IOW. Not sure how that would work...at ALL.

But the sandbox I had built stuff at has been turned into a saloon. It was a nice quite place where few people went to. Granted I have access to the IOW sandbox but that place is always crowded. I know I could go up on a platform and work there, But I work with really small prims a lot so I like to work on the ground where I can highlight all my items at once and NOT get the platform I'm on as well. Need to find another low traffic sandbox that doesn't have a ridiculously short amount of time before auto return. I've found a few but they have a like..2 hours till your stuffs returned to you and that’s just way to little of time! I'm honestly pondering finding a small plot of land anyplace and using it as my private sandbox. I'm not planning on making items that would call for a ton of prims after all!

Burning life is open now and I've popped by a few places. It takes FOREVER for the place to load so I don't have a lot of photos yet. I'll post them all once the week is over.
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