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Fantasy faire blogging time! The Fairelands Junction

I am home, I have slept, rather died when I got back from the dress rehearsal for the Other faire I do every, the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, OK. So now it is Blogging time!

I'm going to go sim to sim clockwise around the map starting with the junction sim. There is going to be a few posts a day to make up for not Being able to blog the first few days PLUS I have a lot to blog! A post for each sim and several featured sellers post! my photos will be a mix of quality, pre faire opening photos will have shadows and be a lot nicer looking then the ones I take during the faire, as I will be turning shadows off to help reduce my personal lag. I need a new graphics card :P

Lets get cracking!

The Fairelands Junction sim serves as a nice starting point for the faire. This year it was designed by Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash, and is sponsored by Oceania Breedables. It is a dark magical forest full of lush trees, mysterious ruins and wandering streams.

The center piece and main landing area is a grove of giant redwoods that each hold a doorway to one of the other sims. The doorways showing a glimpse of the wonders to see on that sim.
Or you can follow paths and enter the circle of sims that way, Magnificat to the north, and Ravenshard to the east.

You can also find the silent auctions here, along a wall, just waiting for someone to come bid on it and help benefit Relay for Life!

Click here to see all of my photos of Fairelands Junction.

SURL to the sim here!

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger
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