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FallnAngel Creations and - NaLa – Fashion Buildings on Crimson Fields.

Still using Musa Poses for these shots

The two outfits I'm going to highlight from artists on Crimson fields are both the Relay kiosk items from their designers. Lets start with FallnAngel offering!

This stunning gown took me by surprise when I was photographing it. I was in front of the angle and searching for the right pose, when I noticed something. The rainbow colored parts, SHIFT through the entire spectrum! The effect is so subtle I didn't notice at first! This made me love the gown even more. It flows and swirls in the lovely ways that only a well made flexi prim gown can. And the rainbow and white looks fantastic together.

There are a few other Relay kiosks outfits from Fallen, including a black and red version of this same gown that matches the Crimson fields sim, but this is the one I picked. So glad I did! Their Relay shop is right next to the landing point.

Now onto NaLa, who is new to me, but I saw the gown in a preview and had to have it. It has fantasy medieval feeling to it and a gorgeous shade of light purple.

Nalas's Relay shop is to the right as you enter the sim from Magnificat, so make sure you don't miss it as the road turns left!


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