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23 April 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Evensong Woods ~ A fantasy faire Sim  
The snowy elven forest sim called Evensong Woods is created and sponsored by Searlait Nitschke of Roawenwood

SLURL, map and store list can be found here

Tall imposing redwoods rise high above a snowy landscape, nestled among the strong branches is an eleven city of great beauty.

The web page blurb says this about the sim

Resting in the treetops of is the elven enclave of Yuale Nura. Bathed in moonlight, the homes glow warm in the deep blues and purples of a winter’s night. A light dusting of snow gives the impression of undisturbed slumber, but perhaps all is not as quiet as first impressions suggest.

And it lives up to it. I found it a lovely sim, though at first a bit intimidating, I SUCK at walking on platforms and tend to fall off. But NEVER FEAR THIS! There are invisiprim edges that keep you on the walk ways! YAY!!

It has quite a few fabulous designers on it, so go take a look. And don't just walk among the shops in the tree, the snowy ground with its mushrooms and ponds is quite lovely as well.

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You can see all my photos of this fabulous sim at this link
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