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Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife

The Plastik, Mystic Sky, EMO-tions and Lemon Tea/ Two Cats on Evensong Woods at Fantasy Faire

I have a grand mishmash of creators to show off for this post, all on the Evensong Woods sim at Fantasy Faire.

Lets start with the "holy crap you will never see me in anything like this outfit ever again" outfit. It is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, I just don't usually wear items this reveling! It is a silks set by The Plastik, called The Valandriel Armor that is a mix of mesh and regular prims. Comes in MANY MANY shades, in fact I had a hard time picking out which one to wear, and a hud to change fabric on the silk and the gemstones on the bra shoulder piece thing. I am wearing the Magicka color.

To say I stepped out of my comfort zone with this outfit is putting it mildly, But it is such an amazing piece I felt I should show it off for those that do love this kind of clothing looking at you Aurora!*

My pose is also available at Evensong, by {Lemon Tea}/c( Two Cats ) Magical Poses and is from their magical poses set. Not a relay offering but very nice!

Next up is a lovely blue gown by ~ Mystic Sky ~ and is one of their Relay offerings this year. It's called Miranda , comes with two skirt lengths and a headpiece! I love the trenderily things on the waist. My hair is also a relay offering from .:EMO-tions:. and the forehead jewels are a part of it! It's partial none rigged mesh so I could resize it to fit me SUPER easily. I came in a limited number of shades but this red one is one of them. The pose I am in is from the same set that I used above.

All of these shops are on the Evensong Sim of Fantasy Faire, you can get an SLURL, map and SLURL's to their main stores at this link.


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