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24 April 2013 @ 12:00 am
FATEwear and PaperMoon at Titans Hollow  
Musa poses again!

I was given one of these items as a blogger preview and the other I picked up while exploring the sim.

The first one is from FATEwear's wonderful line of Mesh Elven clothing. The womans offering among the relay items is called Rochon, and is quite lovely. It moves wonderfully with you as you do and is soft and feminine yet practical looking as well.

The second dress is a fun "hippy" two part outfit by a store called Paper moon. The outfit is called Synjari, and while the relay version comes in a single set, you can also buy it in separates in other colors

You can get both these outfits and a whole lot more over at Titan's Hallow!
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