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Elvenbreath and Sparkle Skye Designs in the DragonSpire sim

The two outfits I bring to you from the Dragonspire are fun fairy type outfits. I love them both and so glad I picked them up.

The first is a floral outfit, I can't remember the flower it's inspired by though. A mesh dress called Paenya and is one of the Relay offerings by ~Elvenbreath~ I love the dangling parts!

The second outfit I have to show off is also a Relay offering, this time by Sparkle Skye Designs, you can pick it up in two different colors from a Relay kiosk and also several others not in the kiosks. it's called Iris Fairy Mesh Dress and It is fantastic. I love the shading on it.

I paired it with a pose prop from Musa called Enchanted Moon, which you can pick up on their store in Magnificat.

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