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The Key of Hope Hunt part one ~ a Fantasy Faire Event

Now, as I am going clockwise around the sims, the next sim after Dragonspire is the Valley of Ish`nar.

however I will not be showing you this sim, not yet. Why? It is not fully open yet. Why? It's part of the Key of Hope Hunt that Mad Peas Produced for the faire!

So what am i going to be showing you? The hunt part one! Which does include part of the Valley of Ish`nar.

What I am NOT going to do is tell you exactly where to find the items for the hunt. What I WILL be doing is s showing you what you get for your 100L donation to Relay For Life that you pay to get the Hud to DO the prize. Which, to put it mildly, is a LOT, just one prize alone I know is worth over 2000L!!

You can buy the hud at the landing point of all the sims, but to activate it you have to go to the Ruins of the queens came in Ish`nar, which coincidently, is IT'S landing point! Which is right here, well slightly off I'm not standing smack on the landing point, that's rude.

Click to see bigger

Go inside this area, find a small scroll on a desk and click it. That activates your hud. Then once the text on it rezes click each ingredient and follow the landmark and the clue to find each item! Some are trickier then others, there is apparently a different Egg that trips up some people in Dragonspire.

The open hud looks like this

Click to see bigger

Now, I did take photos of each place your looking for, but I tried real hard to make sure to not give away the exact location. I know sometimes it makes things easier to know what you are looking for LOOKS like though. So if you want those visual hints CLICK HERE

Once you have found all of the items, which you don't physically GET but they get crossed off your hud, return the the ruins and click the treasure chest on the hud.

You'll get nine prizes plus a key to start the second half of the quest, which starts tomorrow.

What all do you get? Well here is a mega pulled back view of eight of the nine items. Why so far back? some of them are HUGE.

Click to see bigger

You can see close ups of all of the prizes except one starting here Why did I leave off one? It's a hatchable wearable critter by Khyle Sion, but you have to wear an egg on your hud for an hour first! And it hasn't hatched for me yet!

I will Cover the Valley of Ish`nar sim when I cover Part two of the hunt! Since then I will have access to all of it and not the just path from Dragonspire to Lumenaria

I have to say I have had SO much fun doing this hunt. I made new friends! We kept seeing each other at the time locations and so we just started helping each other out. Others are doing the hunt in style as well, yesterday I was sitting in Titan's writing up a blog post and a group on the hunt passed me. All dressed like people from Monty Python and talking like them too! I wish they had rezed in enough for a photo before they left, they where a HOOT. But traveled on quickly.


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