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Lumenaria ~ A fantasy faire Sim

Wooohh, posting later then I meant to today!

The sim of Lumenaria is a bright sunny town in the mist of a festival to the sun. The sim was designed by Kayle Matzerath of ~*GOD*~ Garden of Dreams and sponsored by rynn Verwood of Solarium

SLURL, Map and Store list can all be found at this link

This sim is bright and happy and full of love and joy and you can tell that by just walking into it. I love it, the town and its decorations to the sun remind me a lot of Tangled, and that's one of my favorite Disney movies.
Bright clumps of flowers *I want some!* are all scattered about, along with floating bunches of balloons. The central fountain and park is quite lovely and peaceful. And, some of the time, flying over the sim is a large dragon carrying a boat that hosts Fantasy faire radio! The purple dragon's name, I have been told, is Meowie, or possibly Shahara, I got given two names :P

This sim seems to be the "breedables" sim as it has at least two of them on it! Meero's and Dwarfins, not sure if any others that I am not aware of are on it. I don't think any other sim had any on it.

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You can see all my photos of this fantastic sim at this link here


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