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~The Library~ at Lumenaria

YAY look! I have at last gotten to one of my other assigned stores! And I could not be happier to have gotten them. They are a rebranded store and restarting, but for the life of me I can't remember from what it used to be..

All of the dresses I got from The Library are mesh, and very well done. Each one unique and quite lovely. The designers behind the new line are DreamFantasia Nightfire and Augurer, working as a team to create a variety of dress styles.

You can get to their main shop via this SLURL

and their shop on Lumenaria is close to the border between Lumenaria and the valley of Ishnar.

Click to see bigger

They provided me with three lovely gowns to show you, all relay offerings. And I forgot to switch to normal wind light instead of the sim windlight to show you the proper colors of the dresses, except for one of them.

The first one here is called Brett and to me has a somewhat 20's style to it. It comes in two colors and I am showing off the pink one.

next up is a fantasy gown named after the sorceress Circe! It's my fav of the three outfits. It comes with a headpiece and armbands!

The last dress is called Tremaine ..and I have to wonder if it is named for Cinderella's stepfamily! But then I am known for being a bit of a Disney geek.

Do check out their shop!!
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