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26 April 2013 @ 03:36 am
Lotus Valley Dreams ~ a Fantasy Faire sim  
Lotus Valley Dream is an oriental fantasy of a sim designed and sponsored by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass

SLURL and shop list is at this link

Like Magnificat this sim is a horse shoe shape going around water, however instead of ships sailing into the sunset, Lotus features a giant glowing lotus blossom being entwined by an oriental red dragon. A simply breath taking sight.

Docks with boats, little nooks with fountains, statues, and duckies are scattered about the sim. It makes for a pleasantly calming experience.

Also on the sim is the Steelhead Associated Adventures club run by the Quest for the golden Prim. Which is a comic shot mostly in Steelhead's sims. My teahouse made an a background appearance once! I took a few photos of it and they can be seen starting here

Click to see bigger

I love this shot, the lotus dragon and the Fantasy faire Radio Dragon

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Shot in the blogger preview before the dragon was added

Click to see bigger


I greatly enjoyed this sim and you can see all my photos of it at this link here
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