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05 October 2008 @ 04:31 am
Cross posting!  
Just made this post to my RL journal and wanted to cross post it here and to second_lifers as well. The tone of the entry is aimed at people that don't play secondlife on my RL journal.

Been meaning to make this post for a while and after viewing this video I am super included to make it NOW.

I'm sure a few of you wonder just what the appeal to me to play Secondlife is. Besides the fun aspect of being able to make my in world self look EXACTLY how I want to look and not from some pre-chosen specs like you get in other games. There is the fact that Secondlife...is ART! Yes Art!

Watch the Video and then go look at the photos from one of the following Flickr groups:

Second Life: Mythological

Chakryn Forest and Silvanus Forest

Situations Not Possible in Real Life

Not Possible In Real Life

Avatars - Not Possible in Real Life

Burning Life

Burning Life in Second Life

And try to tell me that is not a form of art.

And while viewing them think on this .... Every thing you see was not made by some guy in an office being PAID to create it for Secondlife. It is all made by the USERS. Yes anyone can learn to create breathtaking scenes like you see above. ANYONE.

The only thing users can't do is create the actual ground you're standing on. But you sure can take that ground, and, if you have the right land permissions turn it to whatever kind of ground cover you want and then shape it to be a deep undersea valley or the highest mountain peak imaginable. And then beyond! Because as the group name says, In Secondlife you can make stuff that is just "Not possible in real life".

You want a castle in the sky? You can have it. You want a dungeon full of creepies, done! A penthouse suite? Sure here you go! What you want a starship? Tell us what your favorite one is and we'll deliver!

And all that stuff you can learn to make for the game? You can then sell to other players and make REAL money with it. As in money you can pull off of your Secondlife account and spend at Wal-Mart. In fact some people make their livings with Secondlife! Heck one woman has become a Millionaire with it!

I love that I get to create the world.

I love going to other peoples creations. I recently went to Wonderland, and soon I will be off to Oz!. There's places you can go to Middle earth, any comic book world you want, Star Wars cantinas or a Steampunk England. You can visit New Your city and walk through a ghostly tribute to the twin towers. Or go to Dublin and hear LIVE Irish music on some nights. Meditate in a Japanese garden or dance the night away in a bright night club.

If you're the kind that likes to beat crap up, you can do that! I recently found a place where you go to shoot Zombies. There's lots of other places but as that's not my cup of Tea, I can't really tell you much about them.

I like to build, I like to talk to the great people I have met there. And most of all, I like to explore the amazing places people have created. Just like in Real life I am a Secondlife shutter bug. I take horrible photos *imo* but I take them. I would love to be able to take photos like the amazing ones I see on Flickr or in tearsongs_sl's or faerie_h 's journals. I think I need a computer upgrade to get that good though.

But in short in Secondlife, you can do anything, be anything, make anything, you can imagine. You can not only create art, you can BE the art.

And I love it because of that.
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