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Grimm Brothers, Epic and F*cking Ninjas on Ravenshard.

ok..going to start this post with an off topic Sulk... I've been uploading choice sim photos and the fashion shots, and..I hit my bandwidth limit! I can't upload these last ones to my flickr stream. *ssuulllkkss*

Ok that's over!

I bring you two outfits and one new pose maker in this post!

The first outfit is by the Grim Bros.s and is one of their fantastical outfits, it's called The crowdsourced dress . Why is it called that? I have no idea, but its a delightful mix of netting, flowers and purple fabrics, and a hat! I love the hat.

You can get to the Grim Bros main store here.

And the last outfit I shall be showing you from Fantasy Faire is by Epic, its a short lil mesh number called Faery Glitter Dress, and it comes with appliers for Lola's mesh breasts for those that wear them, of which I am not one.

In the shot I am also using one of F*cking Ninjas poses they are offering. It's called Impetuous Rover Pose, they have quite a few posts up for really offerings. Very good ones for RP shots as they have weapons!

Epic's main store is at this location and F*cking Ninjas is here

And, that is the last of the sim outfits. I will have two other posts, a wrap up with fun shots, and part two of the hunt though! Or possibly three, i have one post I want to think on a bit..hmm...
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