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Why I Relay

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They say that cancer touches everyone in one way or another. Which if my life is any indication that is so very true.

I have lost an aunt to it.

I have a cousin who won her battle.

My father in law, an Uncle and the dad of my Best friend are all fighting the same battle with the same kind of cancer.

Last year brain cancer took away a lovable rouge of a man I knew from Renaissance faires.

This year cancer swooped in and suddenly took the life of a bright young woman I knew. Not even married a year and Leukemia came and took her from her new husband, her family and friends with no warning. In less then a month from when she went to the hospital she was gone, they hadn't even figured out exactly what kind of Leukemia it was. I shall proudly wear blue on Relay day in her honor, both on the track and in my Chair sitting at home, as she went by the nickname of Blue.

Cancer just takes, it never gives anything, except heartbreak and pain. It knows no boundaries of race, gender, or age. It will attack with no mercy.

I, personally, am utterly terrified that I will get told my Husband, My Father, my Brother or my best friend have the same kind of cancer that has already affected their/our families via fathers or brothers.

But you can't live in fear of it, that is no way to live.

What you can do is fight it, fight it by helping fund the research to cure it. And it will take a lot to fund it with all the different kinds.

What you also need to do, is live in hope. Hope and love. That is the two things I am about most of all. For with out those we are nothing.

The one item I keep on my personal land at all times is a big pink tree, called Hope Spring Eternal by Kriss Lehmann of Botanical. Why? Because that is me, eternally hopeful, and pink. Hopeful for many things but in regards to Relay, that each year will be the last year we have to relay, as a cure will be found.

The American Cancer Society has been around for a century fighting against cancer, and it will continue on a century more if that is what it takes. Relay brings Hope. Relay brings Love.

And that is why I Relay.

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You don't have to be inworld to donate, click the image below and donate! The minimum amount you can donate via this is 5 dollars. I've been adding 5 a week since a little before Relay started.



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