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Valley of Ish`nar ~ A fantasy Faire Sim.

Well the second part of the hunt, The Key of Hope may be Delayed They did open the sim up fully, after taking out the part two items, for exploration. It's a STUNNING sim so I am glad to have gotten the chance to go in and look around before the second half starts.

If all goes well, and Mad Peas gets the bugs out with some really strong RAID, the second half of the hunt will open on May 1st and the sim will remain open till May 19th. But just going by the prizes from the first half, and there are even MORE from the second, it will be so worth the wait. The first half only had items from each sim, the second half, from all the shops in the faire land! Talk about a windfall for a mere 100L!!!

The sim was built by Rynn Verwood of --= Solarium =-- who claims to NOT be a builder, but I think otherwise!

The build is a fantastically mysterious one, full of crumbling ruins, imposing statues and a huge waterfall. It really brings to mind a place one might find Indiana Jones, so much so I ran my husband through the first part of the hunt so we can do the second half together in full Indy garb! Can't wait to see what it is like with all the hunt stuff back.

You can visit it now though at this SLURL and if you want to do the hunt, HURRY and do the first half NOW, the faire will be open ONE extra day to give more people time to do this! So , grab 100L find a hud at any faire sim landing point and get to hunting! It doesn't take long at all.

No promises on how long the second half will take though!

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I will do another post about the Second half of the hunt when I run through it. And you can see all the photos I took of Ish`nar at this link here


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