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Off to see the Wizard!

Well, by the way it looks the majority of you want photo spam instead of links. So that is what I shall do. You guys want to view a post with 25+ photos in it that's what you get!

And now we shall start with the posts! Going with the most recently visited place first. Because it has me the MOST excited! bounces

I'VE BEEN TO OZ!!!! *squees*

The Wizard of Oz has always been one of my favorites movies. Heck I even worked in an Oz themed restaurant once and was a popular waitress as I could give out trivia and answer questions about the film that the others couldn't.

So, obviously when I heard about  a new Sim out there called The magic of Oz *surl*

 And Let me tell you,  it is AMAZING. It's not a recreation of the movie but the owners vision of Oz itself. And as Oz is a bit iconic you can instantly tell it's Oz. Everything is there, the yellow brick road, Munchkinland, The emerald City, The witches castle. Even a field of wheat for the scare crow. The only thing I'd love to see is representations of all the main characters, not just the scarecrow. But its JUST now opened so maybe those are to come.

There's even a treasure hunt going on to celebrate it's opening. Which is making for a VERY busy sim, but thankfully its not making it lag TO much. I was able to spend several hours in it and will go back later. One unique aspect of this hunt is parts of the treasures randomly rez over the sim and I think the random rezzer stopped working as the red shoes that did that stopped appearing. While the green shoes stayed in place.

Now one teaser shot before the cut and then onto the rest of them behind it!

I really had to resist not watching it right THEN. Must not watch Movies on Secondlife I own in RL and can go watch on my big TV whenever I want!

The landing point of Oz. Yellow brick roads leading to all the main areas! But first, while things are rezzing, Pan out and get shots of the sim!



all right done getting the wide views! Onto the details of the exploring!

This is one of the randomly rezzing Red slippers.

Oh, and the music on the land? Wizard of Oz of course! Except for the witch's castle which is some grunting rock channel. Not sure if they did that on purpose or just forgot to change it or something.


Post signs!

Oh yes, and that's me on the left. Told you i dressed up! I've got a Glinda outfit that makes an appearance later but most of these I was Dorothy. Also I have a new AO. It's fairy themed and by Sala Snook. the same person that did my amazing Mermaid Ao. I love it! Here's its Slexecgange..I mean Xstreat address

Time to Ease on down the road! I choose to go to Munchkinland first. As that's where Dorothy started at!


I love the shapes of the builds here, everything all curvy and organic.

OMG FISHING! and someone said they have custom catches here! I will be going back to fish. Oz fish!! *bouncesqees*

Note to self, Get off your tail and put the blasted Sit Scripts in your skirts already!!

The farm house! I squealed when I saw this! it looks perfect!. I decided to mess with the sun setting and took a few shots with different lighting.


And then I noticed the poseball.

oops! Wait I'm not the witch!


For some reason I really love this shot of me looking out the farmhouse door.

Lovely windmill. Now its time to leave Munchkinland.

Well its a giant wheat field not Corn, but works. Meet the Scarecrow! He just kinda hangs there. Time for more settings playing.


Really the field is HUGE.

And here I join him hanging around the wheat.

More playing with the sun.

Then its time to follow the yellow brick road some more. But first....

BUNNIES!! OMG these things are so adorable. I must find where to get some myself.

Off to see the wizard!

Oh, if you click Toto in my basket, he barks. its cute.

The Emerald City. It's stunning. Al the emeralds swirl and shine.


I have no idea what this thing is.


I just liked the emerald and rock formation.

I wandered around the forest looking to see if you meet the Tinman or the Lion before heading to the Emerald City. Didn't find them, found a nice dock though.

Now time to enter the city! I do have to confess I was disappointed there was no "bell out of order please knock" sign.

Had a little trouble entering the city. Had to fly up into it instead of using the gates.

Don't tell the Wizard I'm on his throne..

These statues amused me.

It's so green and pretty!


great big emerald with a pose ball. Play time!

Went out onto that odd platform I have no idea what its for. Found Stone Monkeys.

Now its time to go to the witch!

Up an imposing stone staircase.

EEHHH THE FLYING MONKEYS *Cues the music* yes you can ride one around in a circle, complete with kicking legs. It amused me SO much!

Nearing the gates. Spooky! Tombstones and creepy guards. Not very EFFECTIVE guards. they are chained down.

Dead Dorothy.

Follow the spooky path up the hill

Creepy tree

The gates.

See what I mean by chained down.

This was the only other guy I saw dressed for the sim. It's a very nice rendition too.

No clue what this was but it was neat.

Benches around a boney fountain.

Done with the witches castle I felt it time to change characters. So I flew up, switched to Glinda and landed down in Munchkinland.

I am REALLY tempted to make myself a glowing Bubble to float about the city. Pranced around there for a bit then since Adar and Turlock where waking up I logged off to talk to them.

All during my exploring I could hear cameras going off, in both outfits , I rather like to think sometimes it was for a shot of me not just the gorgeous sim.  Me? i have my camera sounds turned OFF.

Am I going back? you bet! Just as soon as I post this in fact. My other photos can wait I want to go back to Oz!

Now if I could only find a Narnia based Sim, and Neverland, I'd be a truly happy Fae Kitty. Narnia more then Neverland. I've looked too, the Sim named Narnia is all residential beach land *wtf is up with THAT?!?!* And I can't access the one called Neverland.


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