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52 Crayola Crayons Week Nineteen - Illuminating Emerald

Week Nineteen

  Illuminating Emerald
49, 145, 119

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Outfit ::: B@R ::: Fairy of ForgetMeNot C2SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Raven SLURL
Pose{.:exposeur:.} Angel SLURL
Turlock's Pose*FD POSES* Hero Fly fullpack SLURL
Sim Mogo / New OASLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Big Dip O' Ruby
156, 37, 66

This weeks crayon is from the 2001 specialty pack called Metallic FX, and you can still get these shiny metallic colors in stores!

I chose this color especially for Turlock in honor of his recent birthday. As with the place we went for the photo, A green Lantern Themed sim. Home of the Largest in world Lantern Corps group who do the Lanterns for Life camp sight for Relay for Life every year.

As his computer is having issues *a bad memory stick* we couldn't really explore it so he just found the main lantern battery and we posed in front of it.

I am very pleased that the outfit I picked, turned out to look kinda superheroy in the setting and with my chosen pose.

Oh..not doing Strawberry's meme this week. I can't write a Haiku to save my life :P
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