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Disneybound Challenge Week Ten - Flotsam & Jetsam

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Outfit !Rebel Hope - Heidi Mesh Dress Sage Green SLURL
Jewelry *CentoPallini* Blessing of the Sea / Aqua [Necklace] SLURL
Jewelry *CentoPallini* Blessing of the Sea / Aqua [Crown & Bracelet] SLURL
Hair >>TRUTH< Sandra SLURL
Pose *FN* Bring the Light Pose + Gathering Lights SLURL
Sim Steelhead Nevermore SLURL

Have to hand it to the ladies of Style Minions, They have made one hard challenge! I thought it would be easy to do but then they go and toss in characters like Dory, Marie and the one from today.. the evil Moray eels from Little Mermaid, Flotsam and Jetsam.

I looked todays image a while going..how the HECK do I do this? So I got to thinking about the characters. How they are the minions of Ursala, delivering proposals. Very gangster/business like.

So I went looking for a sleek outfit that was also business like. This dress by Rebel hope fit the bill in my brain. I added some shell jewelry to show the undersea aspect, a sleek hairstyle with a touch of yellow to represent the Eel's glowing eyes. And a glowing pose for magic. And here is the results!

I pondered doing a second shot in some sort of sleek cat suit as well, there are TWO eels, but decided one was enough.
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