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08 April 2008 @ 08:20 am
Dragons all over  
Adar and Fayth now have dragon forms! They look OMG amazing. Adar spent HOURS this morning customizing his new form so it looked just how he wanted it. And he put his Indy hat on that form too! It looks a bit comical, but that's half the point.

I took Fayth up yesterday afternoon to show her the dragons you could pick from. After that squeal in my last post she HAD to see them. And then I gave her a reeeaallllyy early birthday present of one. Because if anyone other then Adar needed one of these..its my lil sis!! She picked the spirit dragon form.

This is us in the Isle of Wryms Cathedral. She just got her egg and was trying to "hatch" it. But we found out she couldn't do that here so we went down to the area at the foot of the mountain where she could.

Oh and before I forget, this is at the entrance to the Cathedral. yes, that is a Stargate, I have no idea how it works or where it goes.

And this is us down on the ground and Fayth in her newly hatched form! This is the default look. She started to work on making it hers.

Oh and this is Monkfish, someone we met there. She's a dracolitch. But very nice and ever so helpful.

And we have achieved the right look! Though theres a few things we found out we can do to the dragon when Adar got ahold of his that I'll need to tell her about to see if she wants to make a few more changes.

And this is what she looks like while flying. No wings, so she flies on a cloud!

Eventually I went to lay down After playing around a bit with Ado and Turlock. Ado's making me giggle by going for what she's calling "Hooker Fairy" look. Which turned out to be good as SL started to glitch like crazy. Adar got on to putz and then went to a friends..when he got back we did some posing for a photos and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! I need to pull out the other poseballs I have and take a few more of us. So cute and sweet!

You can see the unaltered version of it here

And after we got done doing the cutesy stuff. We went to the Cathedral to get his dragon! Had a few more issues then with Fayth, they had turned off the ability for anyone to use the land at the bottom of the hill, some greifers apparently had caused problems. So we went back to my place to get it open. And OMG YES I can ride on his back! Didn't take any shots of him opening it but there are some of us both before he started to modify it and after

I really like this shot, this is of me riding him before he did anything other then mess with the colors.

And this is him after he made a LOT of adjustments. Yes that's his Indy hat hes got on. Gotta have it!

And me riding Indy dragon! Didn't get any flying shots. Those are REALLY hard to get because the wings move and we keep getting ones of them up and blocking me. I'm kinda tempted to icon this one some how. I did the one of use snuggling.

After he got himself all fixed up we went back to the Isle of Wyrms and talked to some of the people there. Its got some really nice people. I enjoy it quite a bit.

Tearsong's told us that there are dragon caves on Brythony. and there are some on the Isle, he's thinking about trying to see if one is empty and if he can get it or not.
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