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52 Crayola Crayons Week Twenty Three - Coconut

Week Twenty Three

254, 254, 254

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Outfit GLITTERATI - VIP gift v2.0SLURL
JewelryDooDads - Candy Necklace & DooDads - Flowery Necklace SLURL
Hair*C:K* Nyan[Type B] - Andoria V3 SLURL
PoseaDORKable Poses: Je T'aime SLURL
Sim Steelhead NevermoreSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Shimmering Blush
217, 134, 149

So..I got the days of the week mixed up and so this is a day late in being posted. SORRY!

The Coconut crayon comes from the 1994 magic scent pack. The food scented ones that got replaced with none foods.

Now that faire is over I am hoping to get back to exploring like normal. Looking forwards to that!
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