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26 June 2013 @ 07:28 pm
52 Crayola Crayons Week Twenty Six - Daffodil  

Week twenty six

255, 255, 49

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Outfit Vita's Boudoir Easter Delight SLURL
Hair""D!va"" Hair "Flora" SLURL
PropJapanese old-style electric fan BOX SLURL
Prop*EATme* Country Thyme Pink LemonadeSLURL
PosePILOT and Exposeur - Stay Thirsty BOX SLURL
Sim Home Plot in NevermoreSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Star Spangled Banner
#f8efe6 / EE204D / #1f75fe
248, 239, 230 / 238, 32, 77 / 31, 117, 254

Daffodil is another color from the 1994 Magic scents pack that had the scents changed from food to none food. As I don't find the scent of Daffodil all that, well existing, not sure what it smelled like.

The photo for this color best represents, using what poses I could find, my current state. Our AC is out and I am MELTING. MELTING!!!!! But I couldn't find a good pose to represent that so I combined a few things and this is what you have. it is way to hot right now for me to sit at the computer long enough to explore a sim.

I'm heading back to the bedroom which has a window AC unit to cool off.

And YES next weeks crayon has THREE colors in it! I will explain it on the 3rd! Use them how you wish.
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