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Disneybound Challenge Week Sixteen - Drizella & Anastasia Tremaine

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Anastasia look, On the left

Outfit [Aura] Grimm Corset - MESH - Dawn SLURL
Outfit (flora) Ribbon Tops Redux ~silentsparrow~ SLURL
Outfit .:REBORN:. Pink Long Skirt (BAG) can not find SLURL or Marketplace link
Hair .:EMO-tions:. *ALICE* SLURL
Hair Thing PEINETAS 1- MESH - **Ra**Creations** SLURL

Drizella look, On the Right

Outfit :::Sn@tch Cruise Halter Ruffle (Aqua)::: SLURL
Outfit >Apricot Paws - meshDigi Pants SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Lucia SLURL

Props Conspiracy Theory & Exposeur - Painting Pictures SLURL and SLURL
Pose Conspiracy Theory & Exposeur - Run Away! SLURL and SLURL
Sim Steelhead Nevermore SLURL

It took the ladies of Style Minions a bit longer then normal to announce which characters we're to do, as the lucky ducks were in NYC and got to see the Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I am so jealous!

And in honor of that, Today we have Cinderella's stepsisters for the Disney look. Both of them. So I did both of them.

Holy crap did this one take me a while to do! And not due to being unable to find the right look. It was all the POSE, as I needed one I could easily photo shop myself in twice! I had a number of fun poses, but the wings! They kept making it way hard! Then I remembered this one that I got from a Zodiac event a while back and bingo it worked!

Originally I had Drizella in an older avatar version but with all the redoing the clothing due to having to switch poses over and over I nixed that idea.
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