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06 October 2008 @ 09:43 am
Photo dump time again  
I have two more posts worth of photos and they are NOT from Oz! First one's a mishmash of places the second is from Fright Island. The Mishmash first!

The photos are from a few more from Chakryn, a few from my land, some random places I went to during either a hunt or because NPIRL suggested them, and from Burning Life. I did not get to do near as much in Burning life as I wanted to due to the massive amount of LAG in the sims. Which just baffled me as with one exception the places I went had very few folk in them. OZ had more folk and way less lag then Burning life. Linden labs needs to look into just WHY THE HELL these sims lag so much and do something about it.

Anyway..photos ahoy!

Turns out that all the neat changes in Chakryn are thanks to one artist named Glyph Graves. I have a notecard from NPIRL that if you poke me in world I will happy give you that takes you on a tour of his installations in the forest. I had found all the items he put in place but one. And this one while visually not as spectacular as some of the others. Audibly, is massively cool.

This is what it says on the notecard about it.."**The Stone heads

As you walk along the path elements of rock greet you. First with trepidation then with the joy of having you in their midst and finally, sorrow as you depart.

A song of cello and kalimba. It is for you that they make the song.

Each head has a set of different notes. Each head will play a different note depending on its distance from you. Together they make a song celebrating your proximity.

Move around to change the song. Best taken at a slow pace......Oh and sound up all the way and streaming music off (just for this particular part of your tour)."

And really its as neat sounding as it reads like it is!

You can barely see the heads against the mountain.

close up of one

Going up through the heads brings you to this

Which again is animated and I really REALLY need to figure out how to take videos in Secondlife to properly show things like this off

And that's it for the new stuff from the Forest.

Next we have some random photos From hunts and NPIRL places...oh and since I know I haven't said anything about it, NPIRL means Not Possible IN real Life. Its a group you can join and I Highly recommend it Though if you don't have the group space I save the notices I get and can send them on. they find the most AMAZING Stuff! I also made npirl to get the blog feeds, and I think they have one of those join groups that doesn't take up a group space as well.

I actually have gone to a few places thanks to them, But as I wanted to share the experience with someone before taking a lot of photos I..don't really HAVE a lot of photos from them. Adar's computer is up and running again so I may pull him away from his current Spore interest to join me at them. Or I may just go back and take the photos alone.

The one photo I have from the places I've gone to is from Scarlet Creative Concept Space *surl here* . Its a very interesting place, you start out way up in the sky and through a series of falls and teleports end up in a pretty garden on the ground. It's also got a bit of a Nightmare before Christmas theme going, but only just barely.

Anyway The one photo...

I'm singing in a birdcage!

yes I just thought it was cute and pretty. Actually I also thought it might make a good icon but it turned out to be to small to see what's going on. Phoo.

Next up is a shot of my land and a new cheep cute avatar I picked up.


And the new avatar, yes folks, its a My Little Pony. I can even customize the butt mark, when I get around to t.

And now one photo from a hunt then the few photos I have from Burning Life.

I joined a group that tells if hunts and quests. YEAH lots of fun, Don't always like the stuff on the hunts so I don't GO to them all. But This one in the Spiritwood Sim was highly enjoyable what with me being of a Pagan Persuasion. Lots of the items had a pagan flavor to it, and more then a lot of the stores did. I need to go back to get a few more shots.

Surl here.

But the one big focal point of this sim is this tree in the middle. I didn't even realize how AMAZING This tree was till I panned up to look for the apples and pumpkins the hunt is using..

Really its just breathtaking!

The hunt looks to be still going on and even if its not its a lovely sim with some great shops so go stop by!

Now onto the Burning Life Photos. As I said I didn't get to go to this near as much as I would have liked due to the horrible lag. NPRIL had a few must stop by places listed and I popped around those. I didn't make any of the ceremonies so I have no photos of the Burning man himself....heck I never FOUND him or the one of the 20? Sims that he was supposed to be on.

I started there in a very low lag outfit but when that didn't help I went screw it and put on a dress and my normal form. It didn't make a single difference. Heck the time I had the least amount of lag there where dragons about! *pfftts Linden labs and the lag monster*

And what do I start the photos of a place in the "desert" of...but one of snow and ice

This place was inside a giant dome. It was lovely once it all rezed. Very chilly you could almost forget where you where at. And the sky, moved, like the Aurora Borealis. It was amazing.

IOW had its presence there. I went to a Dance, This was the ONE time I was in a sim with more then say..five - ten people and I don't know if it was just cause I didn't move around a lot or what but it had the least amount of lag. Odd considering the huge dragons and other avatars around.

Next up are some places I found while visiting a few spots on the NPRIL notecard.

I was SOOO drawn to the colors! but I had such issues making it over to it! And the big blue thing in the corner?

Why yes Virginia it is the Fortress of Solitude. I took a few more shots of it more for turlock then myself.

You clicked a crystal and he showed up and yes, sound clips from the first movie played

near it was this big Green lantern thing as well

Now back to the pretty shiny colorful ...thing

Try as I could the lag just would NOT let me get close to it easily. So I gave up and went to other spots on my notecard.

Loved these flowers.

This garden took forever to fully rez, again with the lag. But I had a LITTLE easier time moving around it, so I did! Didn't make it into the maze, I knew I'd never be able to mess with a Maze in that lag.

And that's it for my photos of random stuff. I have a TON of photos from the IoW "Fright Island" Sim, Which is a pay to enter sim where the TINY TINY fee Benefits St.Tiggywinkles and Arwen's Memorial Fund. If you've read about the preemie Deer being born and then leaving us recently on like. cute overload, you've heard of St.Tiggywinkles. Its the Rescue foundation in England that worked with it. It's also Daryth's, the IOW founder. Favorite charity. So the cost to enter and stay a few hours or so is WELL worth it! Gotta help save the animals!

And in some none Photo news, the new wider range Fishing servers have at last been released, so you can now fish my entire sim! And if you find a spot that wont let you fish let me know so I can move the servers around or add another.

And I need to go make the reward item for my big all the time quest.

Anyone found all the pumpkins in my Pumpkin quest?
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TearSong Vaughantearsongs_sl on October 6th, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
love the pics :)

(and found 4, so I now own a halloween fishing rod, sleeves for the dress, the crown and the halloween belt ;) ) Gotta get back soon to look for the others :)
Androgene the Soulessmerisua on October 7th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
Whar's the pony? And how long are you having the pumpkin hunt available?
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlifesoftpaw_sommer on October 7th, 2008 04:46 am (UTC)
where did I get her at? Slex

photo? Um..its there but heres the link http://www.softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/secondlife-postcard748.jpg

and the hunts all month.