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While the majority of bloggers are all hyped for Hair faire this weekend. I'm not. I'm Hyped for RELAY FOR LIFE!!


I've got my skittles, my tea, my caffeen and everything else I need to stay awake 24 hours and walk that track!

Speaking of the track I am on it now. Getting a preview and getting photos before the sims are SLAMMED with hundreds of avatars supporting cancer research!

Click Here to see this years track. The red circle is the Steelhead Camp sight.

I have on an outfit I partly made myself. This year I am Relaying in honor of my Friend Blue who passed on This past winter of Leukemia.

So I am wearing blue, both in world and while sitting at the computer.

This year the theme is 100 Years of Hope. To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the American Cancer society.

So I decided to combine the two and make a Blue Lantern Shirt. In the world of DC comics, you have the Lantern Corps. It started with the extremely well known Green Lanterns. Then in recent years expanded to include the full spectrum of Colors and a variety of emotions. red = rage, orange = avarice/greed, yellow = fear , green = willpower, blue = hope, indigo = compassion, violet = love, black= death, and white =life.

You'll notice what the color blue means.


It's the corps I claim in real life when asked which corps would I best fit into. Hope means so much to so many people. I want to bring that.

And for this years Relay, combining the HOPE with the BLUE just was, fate. I wish we hadn't lost Blue. But I will honor her by brining HOPE to others.

Wont you join me on the track and help me bring hope?

http://rflofsl.intuitwebsites.com/ For more information.

Steelheads Camp sight Which has a Library theme this year and Lunar's build is just amazing.

I made myself a Blue lantern Tshirt. With a bit of help from Turlock, and I scanned in and made a SL version of a favor Blue's parents gave out this year at the Faire she used to work. It's made from a bit of her Wedding dress.

I also have a Cobalt bottle for sale in a Relay Vendor and Commissioned blueberry Lemonade from Ambrose in her honor as well.She used to sell lemonade at faires. Both are at the Steelhead campsite.

Click to see bigger

Come, Relay, Bring hope, fight cancer!

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