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Why a Virtual Relay?

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Some people, I am sure, get confused over why I participate in a Virtual Relay for Life on the program Secondlife. Surely sitting at your computer is not the same as getting out and physically walking a track!

Well, no, its not, but it has many benefits that a physical Real world Relay doesn't.

The biggest two are these.

Relay for Life of Secondlife allows cancer patients, and heck anyone, who are unable to Relay due to physical limitations of their illness. Bedridden due to Chemo? You can still Relay! Unable to walk? You can still Relay! All you need is a Computer with Secondlife on it. And in Secondlife, you can look like how EVER you want!

Relay for Life of Secondlife brings people together from ALL over the world and all walks of life to Relay and Fight Cancer. Relay for Life may have been started by the American Cancer Society, but it works Wold Wide now. Being virtual, people from opposites sides of the world can Relay side by side with out leaving their home country.

A Lesser ones is, No matter the weather outside in Relay for life of Secondlife the weather is ALWAYS perfect!

The people may be on the computer but they are as real as any you will meet in the organic world. Their stories are just as heartbreaking to hear. And just as Uplifting.

Bringing all these factors together, and RFL of SL is one of the biggest Relay's. Last year we raised $375,385. and 1,741 people came and walked the virtual track . You can learn stats from other past Relay's on this page http://rflofsl.intuitwebsites.com/History-of-RFL-of-SL.html Next year will be the tenth year of RFL of SL. it will be amazing! Each year we get bigger and bigger, raising more and more.

And that is why I Relay on my computer.


Want to listen along or even WATCH some? Listen in on T1 Radio, http://www.t1radio.com / http://t1radio.serverroom.us:8242/ or watch the telethon at http://metaversetv.com/live/ GOOOOOO RELAY!

DONATE! Click the image below to donate!

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