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52 Crayola Crayons Week Twenty nine - Leather Jacket

Week twenty nine

  Leather Jacket
37, 53, 41

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OutfitL&B Swear Mesh "Classic" Womens Leather Jacket SLURL
OutfitGizzA - TUTU [Rockin' Diva] SLURL
OutfitAnni's -Full perm mesh plain t-shirt tinted SLURL
Pose:: Bebotes :: Man Celebrating BirthdaySLURL
Sim RFL RememberSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Ocean Green Pearl
72, 191, 145

Late with this weeks color thanks to Relay! Leather Jacket is from the 1994 magic scents pack. I'm assuming after they got rid of the food scents. Though why its a dark almost olive drab green I have NO idea. I could NOT find it in anything I wanted to wear, so I tinted a t-shirt and wore it under a leather jacket.

I picked it cause yesterday was Adar's Birthday and he ALWAYS wears a Leather Jacket. In Sl and RL. It is also the theme of the photo!

I chose to take it on the Relay sims as one of the American cancer Society tag lines is "More birthdays" SO I felt using one of the fabulous build son the 40+ sims was a good fit.

The sims will be up till Friday or Saturday, but not all the builds are still around so go visit if you haven't! I'll have my photos form it up tomorrow or Friday. I took probably around a thousand! I've been working on getting the builds down since Friday so this is all you get this week!

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