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07 October 2008 @ 05:11 pm
The iiisslleee off FFFRIIIGGHHTTTT  
For the month of October there is a special spooky place set up in the realm of the Isle of Wyrms. Its the ISLE OF FRIGHT!!! *cues lighting bolt and ghostly evil cackling*

The Isle of fright is a charity event benefiting both  St. Tiggywinkles and  Arwens' Memorial Fund/ Pug Rescue of New England   You pay a small entry fee for a limited time pass, and when I say small, its 5 L$ for an hour. IT says half hour on the info note but when I went to the special IOW members only opening it lasted an hour for me.

It's a whole sim to explore and collect the cookies full of treats scattered about. But beware! There are spiders and zombies and other evil things out to get you! And they WILL get you if your not careful. If your killed you are TPed to your home location and have to start all over again.

This surl will take you to the island next to Isle of Fright

If you want to go and need the 5 linden to get on it poke me I'll give you it! They also have some donation pots set up if you want to give more.

The above SURL will not take you right to the island obviously, it takes you to the nearby one, which you'll be facing when you land. This is what you'll see

Now, the notice I got about this at first didn't tell me that you'd be facing the wrong way :P so I thought the big cave thing was where I was to go. It said poke the eyeball to get more information...so..

I kept poking this things eyeball. Nothing, then IM'd the IOW chat and got the RIGHt information!

THIS is the Isle of Fright. You go across the bridge, click the land when you cant move and buy pass from the pie chart then go the rest of the way. The eyeball is on one of the posts.

It's recommended that you go about with the region on its default settings, which is midnight. But as I was taking photos I had it on midday, later on I have some photos that shows the massive difference that makes, especially when inside the buildings. While I know it helps with the ambiance to be doing this at night, you miss a LOT of details with out the added light.

Anyway...with minimal commentary as I really want to take a few people to here to show them around....my photos!













There is supposed to be a way to walk along that plank in the water, I couldn't make it, kept falling off.

Vantu as the cutest ghost hatchie EVER! I had to ask him to pause to get this shot though, he was running all over. JUST ADORABLE. *gives him loads of cookies*




and yes I'm underwater here






I loved the ghost waltzers.




Clever way to cover up a nude painting.



The outside at midnight.

And now for the comparison shots of with default and with midday set - exact same shots with only the light being the differences




See what I mean by you miss out on details? Outsides not so bad. but inside, yes I'd rather have it set to midday then midnight.

Only time I took a shot specifically of one of the cookie treats. It looks like someone put it to bed for a nap!





That's a sheep in the cage BTW














And that's it for now. Like I said I will be going back, hopefully with others. It's a really cool place. Do have you sound on for it! I've heard they've made some changes to how the attacks work so it should be fun!

Now..who wants to join me on my next trip to the Isle of Fright?

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