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52 Crayola Crayons Week Thirty One - Purple Mountain's Majesty

Week Thirty One

  Purple Mountain's Majesty
157, 129, 186

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Outfit*EC* Elodie (Shell) L SLURL
Hairlollipopz holly- SLURL
PoseGotten at the Love Donna Flora EventSLURL
Sim Circo Loon - "Time flies" EditionsSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Razzle Dazzle Rose
255, 72, 208

My Internet let me get on and get the sim photos WOOHOO!! Ugh, when it DID get back up to speed, we kept loosing it as they repaired the boxes. Seemed like every time I THOUGHT it was done and got back on Secondlife we lost it again!

Onto the Crayons!

In 1992 - 93 Crayola had a crayon naming contest for 16 new colors. In 93 the winners where announced, purple mountain’s majesty was one of the colors and was named by an 89 year old woman named Mildred Sampson. I went into more detail on this contest back in March for Macaroni and Cheese

I knew this shade would be easy for me, and it was YAY, nice to show off this lovely Evie's outfit that I picked up at a Zodiac event, you can now get them in her shop though. The pose is from the Love Donna Flora event going on to help support Squinternet Larnia's medical bills. You can read more about it at the events blog. I've picked up a few poses and need to go over and pick up some of the lovely outfits I've seen blogged by others, or on the event's flickr page

This weeks sim I saw on one of my favorite Secondlife build blogs Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life). And I discovered something while exploring it. I was having issues with items not rezzing in, the one usually solved by right clicking, or wire frame, or a myriad of other tricks to make the prims appear. NONE of which was working! AND I kept crashing, in part due to internet issues but also just graphics card issues. Turning off advanced lighting models made the missing prims appear and stopped my none internet related crashing. So I went about taking photos after doing that. Then I went back to fix up the photos to go into the album and noticed that AFTER I turned that off the ground in the build had lost the rainbow effect. Turning Advance lighting models back on made them appear! So I had to go back and retake some photos. The rainbows came from the crystals scattered about. A totally cool effect I would have NEVER known about with out Advanced lighting models!

But UGH I need a new graphics card SO badly.

Anyway, Time flies is a simple quarter sim build, If it hadn't been for my internet and computer issues It would not have taken long to explore at all. And once I learned about the reflections effect I SO loved it There is a hidden spot under the cracked glass in the middle of the build so make sure to walk on that!

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